The Movie Man on The Interview and More

The Movie Man joined us for the last time in 2014 to share his thoughts on “The Interview” and this week’s new releases that are actually being released.

Bill McCormick on the Story of Santa Claus & St. Nick

Bill McCormick joined for his weekly visit from the World News Center and shared his research into the true story of Santa Claus and St. Nicholas.


Wilmer Valderrama and Evette Rios

From The Big Wakeup Call Vault ™ : Actor Wilmer Valderrama & Popular lifestyle expert Evette Rios called the show in December 2013 to talk about ugly sweaters, holiday style & swagger, and special underwear secrets.


Jewel is returning as a judge this season on “The Sing-Off,” returning to NBC on Wednesday, December 17, at 8:00 Central.  We talked about how it’s important for her to be a mentor, the art and science of harmony singing, and what current projects she’s working on.  We also casually name-dropped Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Merle Haggard and Graham Nash.


Ben Lyons

Film critic & Extra! tv correspondent Ben Lyons called into talk about new releases on Blu-ray and to needle me endlessly about the Bears debacle last night.


Important News for NFL Fans

With the playoffs approaching, the NFL has once again updated its policies regarding what you can bring into the stadium.  Here’s NFL Public Relations spokesman Bert Fern with the latest.

Ted Allen and Lizzie Post

From The Big Wakeup Call Vault ™:  In this chat from December of 2013, the Food Network’s Ted Allen and etiquette expert Lizzie Post teach us how to behave like civilized adults this holiday season.  Ted also shares a story involving hipster beards and a unique shop in his Brooklyn neighborhood.

Bill McCormick Previews Superhero Movies through 2020

During Bill McCormick’s weekly visit from the World News Center, he shared some exciting news for those with food allergies, and then gave us the breakdown on superhero movies coming out now through 2020.


Reggie Lee from “Grimm”

Reggie Lee plays Sgt. Wu on NBC’s “Grimm.”  He called in to talk about tonight’s much-anticipated episode featuring El Chupacabra!  We also discussed fan reaction to the show, how much he likes to know about the scripts in advance, and his 9-month stint living in Chicago.


The Movie Man is in a monsoon

The Movie Man finally got his power back on out in L.A. and was able to call in to review Exodus, Inherent Vice and Top 5.  We discussed Christian Bale’s meandering “Moses” voice and Joaquin Phoenix’s general weirdness.