RG and The Cheese – Your Morning Zookeepers

April 1, 2014

For April Fools’ Day, I decided to fulfill one of my radio fantasies of being an obnoxious host on a Morning Zoo show.

The makeup of a Morning Zoo team is usually like this:   The main guy is either identified as “crazy,” “wild,” or “mad” so-and-so, or just uses his initials.  The other guy (who basically is just there to laugh at everything) is named after an inanimate object.

Thus, “RG and The Cheese” were born, thankfully for one day only.   Talking like a Classic Rock Morning Zoo guy for just a couple hours shredded my larynx.

To help me get into character, I decided that RG and The Cheese are two small market jocks who haven’t traveled much outside of the very conservative town they grew up in, and therefore their idea of what is “shocking” and “edgy” may differ from yours.

Here are some highlights.  First, RG shares a very, very mildly amusing anecdote with The Cheese:


Next, RG and The Cheese perform another staple of a Morning Zoo show, a “phone scam:”


And every Morning Zoo show has to play stupid games to give prizes away:


Listening back, you can certainly tell what I had pre-recorded vs. what was live, as I clearly hadn’t yet decided how severe my Morning Zoo rock jock voice would be.

I’m off to gargle until tomorrow’s show.