…we now return to The Big Wakeup Call

March 12, 2014

After what we were told was a particularly vicious, nasty, unseemly, dastardly, potentially criminal and basically not-at-all-nice “denial of service” attack on our main server, we are now back online.

However, the individual or individuals who decided to have fun poking around in our server left a mess o’ malicious things behind, so we had to strip away a LOT of our archives.

We’ve got folks working tirelessly (okay, they get really super tired, but we’re making pitcher after pitcher of Kool-Aid) to get everything pretty much back the way it was, but this time safer and more secure.   In fact, we’re wrapping the whole server in bubble wrap and putting a blanket over it.

Thank you for your patience as we re-build a better website for you.  Yes, you (not including the guy/gal/robot who wrecked it.  Definitely not you!!).