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Catherine De Orio

It’s always fun to chat with “Check, Please!” host Cat De Orio, and this time she helped save me from a pre-holiday meltdown with her hints & tips on making holiday meal prep a little easier. ¬† As you will hear (should you choose to listen — please, oh please!), she had me at “maple bourbon candied pecans” and “pie sundaes.”

Catherine De Orio

Catherine De Orio is a chef, lifestyle expert,and the host of “Check, Please” on WTTW, Channel 11. ¬†Catherine called in to inspire us to get back into the kitchen this summer — or at least out on the deck to fire up the grill!


Kevin O’Connor from “This Old House”

Kevin O’Connor called in to talk about the 35th Anniversary season of “This Old House” and to share some DIY tips for cutting down on winter heating bills.¬† He also debunked a popular “life hack”-type solution that’s been making its way around the Internet.