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World News Center: Rats v. Robots

Following a report that a robot has been awarded Saudi Arabian citizenship, Bill McCormick called in from the World News Center to discuss how eventually robots will figure out the best way to help humanity is to put us out of our misery.   Plus:  The Way of the Future Church, offering religious indoctrination for robots,  robots herding us into FEMA camps,  why Jesse Ventura was right all along, and why our valued allies against robots will be squirrels, cats and rats.


Shameless Self-Promotion From the World News Center

The World News Center’s Bill McCormick called in to shamelessly plug his latest projects.  Plus:  Supergirl & Thor, Russian bootlegs, and gift card scams.

The World News Center Has Land Lines and Curly Phone Cords

After last week’s show was pre-empted by mysterious phone problems as we tried to explain conspiracy theories, Bill McCormick called in from the World News Center (on a land line) to chat about Friday the 13th, New Mutants, New Warriors and the upcoming wacky comedy Thor: Ragnarok. Plus:  Squirrel Girl!  The Last Jedi!  Bronies!


The World News Center Has Too Many Comic Books?

This week, Bill McCormick from the World News Center responds to some listener e-mails, talks about more science fiction turned science fact, and how one could easily spend $1000 month to keep up with all of the new comic books.

Behind the Scenes at the World News Center

Bill McCormick called in for his weekly visit from the World News Center and talked about things one really should not talk about, along with veiled hints to the new Justice League (due to non-disclosure agreements).  We really should not have aired this segment and under no circumstances should you listen to it.

Diabolical Birds & Manipulative Octopuses

henryDuring his weekly visit from the World News Center, Bill McCormick once again seized the opportunity to scare the living bejeezus out of us with tales of diabolical ravens, manipulative octopuses, goats with jackhammers, independent civilizations of pigeons, and an uninhabitable earth by 2100.  Happy Friday!


World News Center: Ban the Ban

2016-ireadbannedbooks-buttonBill McCormick gave us a holler from the World News Center for a lengthy yet lively chat about Barnes and Noble wiping out literature on behalf of Target, as well as catching us up on the newest superhero shows.



Hellboy & Drunk Thor

Bill McCormick from the World News Center called in to talk about a new trigonometric discovery, the controversial reboot of Hellboy, and more Ghost In The Shell nonsense.  Plus: Teen Titans, Ben Affleck is still Batman, special movie screenings, and Drunk Thor.


Nuclear Monkeys in the World News Center

nuclear monkeyBill McCormick from the World News Center again decided to make us all curl up and hide with news of carnivorous monkeys playing rock-paper-scissors to learn how to take over the planet.  Plus: funny stuff about cannibalism, science taken out of context, a genius-level octopus and chimps splitting the atom.


The World News Center’s Build-a-Baby Workshop

build a babyWorld News Center Bureau Chief Bill McCormick called in for a lively discussion on a new technology that has some people pondering the repercussions of custom-made babies. Plus:  underwhelming big-budget 6th grade green screen special effects, 3 awesome minutes of telepathic CGI dogs, and The Emoji Movie vs. Wreck-It-Ralph.