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Bill McCormick on the Fantastic Four Failure

Why was the new Fantastic Four Film a Flop?  Bill McCormick from the World News Center breaks it down, along with news about Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Drivin’ around on Mars with Bill McCormick

Bill McCormick called in from the World News Center and discussed homemade vehicles to drive around on Mars, Internet scams and more.



A Supergirl update from Bill McCormick

Bill McCormick checked in from the World News Center to give us the latest on CBS’s upcoming “Supergirl” series, including a great story about an impromptu viewing party.



More on Suicide Squad & Deadpool with Bill McCormick

Bill McCormick scared the heck out of many of our listeners last week with his stories of chimps using tools and harnessing fire, and also his tales of irreversible climate destruction that will seal our doom.    To make up for it, here’s more on Suicide Squad (including Jared Leto going full-on method actor as the Joker) and Deadpool (and why it’s going to be released with a hard-R rating).

More on Deadpool & Suicide Squad from Bill McCormick

Bill McCormick from the World News Center gives us the latest from the sets of Deadpool & Suicide Squad, and leaves us on a happy note with a teaser about chimps lighting fires.

Bill McCormick’s Science Stories

This week, Bill McCormick from the World News Center took a break from superhero news to share scientific stories of warrior wasps, super spiders, virginal vampires and cancer cures from Cuba.


The Movie Man reviews “San Andreas” and “Aloha”

The Movie Man calls in and reviews both a disaster movie and a disaster of a movie.

Bill McCormick with breaking superhero news

Bill McCormick checks in from the World News Center with some breaking news nuggets about Batman vs. Superman, Deadpool, and Suicide Squad.



Bill McCormick on Replicators & Reverse-Engineered German Wolves

Bill McCormick called in for his regular update from the World News Center to share news about commercially available Star Trek-type replicators, all-in-one fruit trees, and how all of humanity is basically related to either Genghis Khan or one of three Bronze Age guys. He also scares the heck out of us with news of $15,000 reverse-engineered German wolves.

Bill McCormick on “Supergirl” and “Legends of Tomorrow”

Even though the trailer makes it look like an after-school special, Bill McCormick from the World News Center says even those of us who aren’t teen girls will enjoy the new Supergirl series.   Bill also shared details on the new Teen Titans and Legends of Tomorrow series.