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The All-New DIY T2 Kit

In this week’s visit from the World News Center, Bill McCormick shared some exciting news of a medical breakthrough that will make my experimental lung brush invention immediately obsolete.  We also discussed irresponsible coronavirus-related “hacks,” the return of high-tar smokes and asbestos, assembling your very own T2, and why I’ll probably never beat the computer again by the time Madden NFL ’28 comes out.

We Love Our Listeners

In this week’s visit from the World News Center, Bill McCormick and I discuss content provided by our awesome loyal listeners, including many idiotic “cures” and “hacks” that are currently getting popular on social media.  Listen to learn about the dangers of microwave hard-boiled eggs, toaster-cooked grilled cheese sandwiches, frozen toothpaste, and a dangerous medical advice myth perpetuated by “Friends.”

Fab Feb 14

In this week’s visit from the World News Center, Bill McCormick and Ryan Gatenby discuss the history and historical myths surrounding Valentine’s Day.  Topics:  How martyrdom led to a celebration of romantic love, how a Hershey’s in Japan puts you firmly in the friend zone, and a lighthearted look at celebrations of Valentine’s Day around the world.  Plus: a Chaucer diversion, Ryan is arrested for playing Cupid, and Japanese lingerie shops.


Happy Fun Coronavirus Chat

On this week’s episode, Bill McCormick and Ryan Gatenby discuss the latest information available regarding the coronavirus crisis, including some of the myths involved (it has nothing to do with beer, it doesn’t turn itself away at a national border, and a football helmet face mask will not protect you).  Also: wash your bleeping hands, don’t inhale sneezes, and cocaine is not a coronavirus killer (nor does it turn all of the coronavirus’s bad feelings into good feelings).

Land Sharks are Here

In this week’s episode, Bill McCormick and Ryan Gatenby discuss the troubling new discovery of an actual, real-life land shark. Plus: surfing kittens, murderous carrier pigeons, disguised dodos and rapid robot replacements.

A Seaweed Cancer Cure?

In this week’s episode, Bill McCormick and Ryan Gatenby share some follow-up information on last week’s story about the Green Valley Alzheimer’s treatment, and then discuss Mojo Vision, the new “smart” contact lens.  Is it an eyeball implant like Michael Jackson in Thriller?  Is it as much fun as watching televised eye surgery? Plus: Blade Runner, Hover Boards, and Windows Phones.

World News Center: Medical Mystery

In this extra-long plus-sized episode, Bill McCormick joined us from the World News Center to discuss the mysterious story of how an Alzheimer’s treatment achieved FDA approval in record time.  Also: No, Wal-Mart isn’t giving away $75 gift cards, we get a prank call from a whistleblower, and Bill has hurt feelings.

This episode punched up by Colin Jost

In BIll’s first visit to the show in 2020, our original topic of the history of calendars was quickly abandoned, and we decided to take a look at some of the new superhero movies coming up this year.  Topics included New Mutants nightmares, Disney’s no-no naughty words, a gentler & cuddlier Venom, and Wonder Woman moping out to The Smiths. Plus: Black Widow’s big payday, and Colin Jost punches everything up.

2019 End of the Year Show!

It’s the end of another year of The Big Wakeup Call!  We close out the radio year and take a look back at 2019 with our special guests Scott Aukerman, David Wain, Dylan Brody, Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan, Bill McCormick, and a special musical performance from Laurie Berkner!

The Big Wakeup Call’s 2019 End-of-the-Year show is sponsored by Hotel 99, Same Day Mattress, Dayquil, and Dollar Health Club.

10 Minute Express Brain Change

In a shiny, happy, very uplifting, and 100 percent positive visit from the World News Center, Bill McCormick and I discussed more great news regarding the progression of treatments for early stage dementia and concussions.  Plus: The operating room Gospel of Luke, a 10 minute express brain change, ensuring a good head of hair on your corpse, and Bill’s longhand legal pad novels.