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Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee is a comedian, writer, actress and the author of a new book, “Weddiculous: An Unfiltered Guide to Being a Bride.”  Despite my butchering the title (of which she let me off the hook by blaming the quirky font), we had a fun conversation about the wedding industry, including the dress, men’s suits, annoying DJs, guitar solos by the wedding band guy, and much more.


The Movie Man and the Devil’s Flower

While many people are struggling to come to terms with the results of the election (on both sides of the aisle), one happy result in California is the legalization of the Devil’s Flower, which makes The Movie Man a very happy The Movie Man.   We also discussed this weekend’s new releases, including “Arrival” and “Shut In.”

The Movie Man on SpongeBob & Jupiter Ascending

During his weekly segment, The Movie Man reviewed the new SpongeBob Squarepants movie and “Jupiter Ascending.”  He suggested each movie might be better viewed while chewing some of the “hippie lettuce” or scoring a little “seaweed.”  Remember kids, he’s not advocating; he’s just saying.

The Movie Man reviews Selma, Inherent Vice and Taken 3

We missed The Movie Man over the holidays and therefore had no idea we could have gotten out of the house and away from the family to enjoy a film or two.   We make up lost ground as we jump into 2015 with reviews of “Selma” (excellent), “Taken 3″ (a radical departure, and not necessarily in a good way), and “Inherent Vice” (enhanced viewing recommended).