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Al Roker

ruthless tideAl Roker gave us a call for a chat about his new book Ruthless Tide: The Heroes and Villains of the Johnstown Flood, America’s Astonishing Gilded Age Disaster.   After asking Al for some tips on getting up early and maintaining energy while working on multiple projects, we had a discussion about the history behind the event, the parallels that can be drawn between then and now, and how experiencing many weather events helps to inform his writing.

Jeff Rossen

Jeff Rossen called in to talk about his new book Rossen to the Rescue, filled with practical hints and tips that might just save your life.  We discussed how “don’t panic” is terrible advice, covering up your webcam, and the Pope’s endorsement of duct tape.

Katie Linendoll

Emmy Award-winning TV host and Today Show tech expert Katie Linendoll called in to talk about battery anxiety and other tech-related travel tips.  We wound up discussing Icelandic Yogurt and those weird batteries that come with kids’ toys that seem to have been made in a country that no longer exists.  A fun chat.

Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden called in to talk about her new book “Had I Known: A Memoir of Survival,” sharing her story about her recent battle with breast cancer.  We discussed how the book started as her own personal journal, who she hopes will be inspired by the book, and why she’s determined to continue fighting the fight.

Jenna Wolfe from The Today Show

Jenna Wolfe is the Today Show’s lifestyle and fitness correspondent, and she’s also appearing as a guest trainer on tonight’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” at 7:00 Central on NBC-5 Chicago.   We talked about how she got involved with the show, her way of quickly relating to the contestants, and the difficulty of leading a tough workout while 7 months pregnant.