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The Movie Man and the Devil’s Flower

While many people are struggling to come to terms with the results of the election (on both sides of the aisle), one happy result in California is the legalization of the Devil’s Flower, which makes The Movie Man a very happy The Movie Man.   We also discussed this weekend’s new releases, including “Arrival” and “Shut In.”

The Movie Man reviews “Girl on a Train”

The Movie Man called in with his thoughts on “Girl on a Train” as well as the new HBO series “Westworld” The Movie Man enjoys “Westworld,” but Mrs. Movie Lady does not. Listen as we come up with a compromise that might just save all relationships.

The Movie Man reviews “Deepwater Horizon” & “Masterminds”

The Movie Man called in live from his spacious and tidy kitchen to give us his thoughts on “Deepwater Horizon,” “Masterminds,” and what he’s watching on TV in another segment of “4-star DVR.”

The Movie Man on “Magnificent Seven” and “Storks”

The Movie Man called in to give us his thoughts on “The Magnificent Seven” and “Storks,” as well as introduce a new feature called “The Movie Man’s 4-Star DVR.”


The Movie Man reviews “Sully”

After taking several weeks of fin protest of a very poor summer movie season (which he sums up in one word at the beginning of the segment), The Movie Man called in to give us his thoughts on the Clint Eastwood/Tom Hanks film “Sully,” which seems to be getting fall movies off to a promising start.

The Movie Man reviews “Sausage Party” and “Pete’s Dragon”

In an euphemism and innuendo-filled discussion, The Movie Man gave us his thoughts on Seth Rogen’s “Sausage Party” (where meat-to-bun ratio is of critical importance) along  and then did a complete 180 (which scored a very respectable 7.2 from the judges) and talked about the very kid-friendly remake of “Pete’s Dragon.”  Plus:  what’s the deal with the Olympic diving shower & hot tub cameras?


The Movie Man reviews “Suicide Squad”

After taking most of the summer off due to the lack of quality films, The Movie Man finally re-emerged to give us his thoughts on “Suicide Squad,” for which he suggests but does not necessarily recommend a little bit of pre-show enhancement.

The return of The Movie Man!

After taking a few weeks off to cleanse himself of bad movies and social media negativity, The Movie Man called us live from his en suite master bathroom to talk about the general lack of exciting movies this summer as well as to share his thoughts on “The Shallows,” “Independence Day: Resurgence” and “Free State of Jones.”

The Movie Man reviews “The Nice Guys,” “Neighbors 2″ and “Angry Birds”

It’s another big weekend at the movies, but will any of the new releases take down Captain America?  Find out when The Movie Man gives us his thoughts on “The Nice Guys,” “Neighbors 2″ and “The Angry Birds Movie.”

The Movie Man reviews “Captain America: Civil War”

It’s going to be 80 degrees and sunny today in Chicago, so of course we’re all going to head to a dark movie theater and check out “Captain America: Civil War.”  The Movie Man gives us his thoughts (how it’s less of a civil war and more of a civil disagreement) and encourages us to vote in his Twitter poll on whether you’re Team Iron Man, Team Captain America, or Team I Don’t Give a Bleep.