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Tim English, author of “Sounds Like Teen Spirit”

Tim English is an award-winning author whose latest book is the new and expanded edition of “Sounds Like Teen Spirit: Stolen Melodies, Ripped-off Riffs and the Secret History of Rock and Roll.”  We had a fun chat about the current Led Zeppelin lawsuit, the lack of clarity in the legal definition of musical plagiarism, and whether or not The Beatles were expert interpolators or notorious thieves.

Bobby Rydell

Bobby Rydell landed 34 songs on the Top 40 charts and sold more than 25 million records. He writes about his life and career in a new book, “Teen Idol on the Rocks: A Tale of Second Chances.”  It’s a very personal and honest book about his struggles with alcohol, the death of his first wife Camille, and career ups and downs.  We discussed why he decided to write the book and some of the anecdotes he shares, including being acknowledged by Paul McCartney as an influence on The Beatles, working with Jack Benny and George Burns, and breaking into the music business as a teenager.

Louise Harrison

Louise Harrison is the sister of Beatle George Harrison, and she has assembled perhaps the best Beatles tribute band out there, “Liverpool Legends.”  Tomorrow night, they will be in New York City re-creating the Beatles famous 1964 concert at Carnegie Hall.   We talked about how she hand-picked the members of the band, what qualities she was looking for in someone to play George, and shared a wonderful story about George visiting her in the U.S. just before the Beatles exploded in America.

Beatles historian Larry Marion

Larry Marion is one of the world’s leading authorities on rock and music memorabilia and is the author of a new book, “The Lost Beatles Photographs: The Bob Bonis Archive 1964-1966.”  Bob Bonis was the manager for the Beatles’ U.S. tours and had unprecedented access to the band.  It’s a stunning compilation of authentic, honest, and never-before-seen photos of the Beatles.

Larry discussed how he came to be the caretaker of the Bob Bonis archive, how the project came about, and what fans will take away from it.

Elvis Costello

elviscostello_officialIt was a complete thrill to talk with the great Elvis Costello about his new book “Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink.”  We discussed why he finally decided to tell his story, his family’s musical background (his father was a popular singer and musician in England and even was on the same bill as The Beatles at the Royal Variety Show), and whether or not this book eliminates the need for “unauthorized” biographies.   It’s a fascinating and very personal look at one of the greatest songwriters in the history of ever and a man whose music has meant so much to me I named my first born after him.


Elijah Wald, Author of “Dylan Goes Electric”

Elijah Wald is a musician and author (his book “How The Beatles Destroyed Rock & Roll” is a particular favorite of mine) whose latest is “Dylan Goes Electric: Newport, Seeger, Dylan and the Night That Split The Sixties.”  We discussed why that night at Newport in ’65 is still used as a cultural touchstone, why Pete Seeger is improperly cast as the villain in many versions of this story, and why the Rolling Stones might have had a greater influence on Dylan than The Beatles.

Fred Goodman on his new bio of Allen Klein

Fred Goodman is the author of “Allen Klein: The Man Who Bailed Out The Beatles, Made The Stones, and Transformed Rock & Roll.”  We discussed his unprecedented access to Allen Klein’s files, what he learned during his research that surprised him, and why it’s taken this long to get a comprehensive overview of one of the music biz’s most influential figures.

Mick Wall, author of “Black Sabbath: Symptoms of the Universe”

Mick Wall is an acclaimed rock writer whose latest book is “Black Sabbath: Symptoms of the Universe.” We talked about his time working as the publicity rep for the band, how the long-term success of the band seemed improbable when their first record was released, and why most people experience a combination of “fear of and fascination with” Black Sabbath.