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Terry Gilliam

It was a thrill to chat with the legendary Terry Gilliam about his long-awaited movie The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, which will be in theaters for one-night only on Wednesday, April 10th as part of a Fathom Events presentation.  We discussed the 30-year quest it took to bring the film to the screen, shooting a movie with real people in a real setting (no CGI, no green screens) and how my 13-year-old self would be freaking out to chat with him.  A true comedy superstar.

Aaron Stanford, star of “12 Monkeys” on Syfy

Aaron Stanford steps into the role of James Cole (played by Bruce Willis in the movie) in the Syfy channel’s new series adaptation of “12 Monkeys,” premiering tonight at 8 Central.  After opening the interview with my geekiest sci-fi nerd question, we proceeded to talk about how the series stretches out from the original concept of the film, how Aaron portrays a man who is physically and mentally damaged by time travel, and how he’ll prepare to answer very specific and detailed questions from fans of the show.