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Steve Dorff

dorffSteve Dorff, a new inductee into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, called in to chat about his new book I Wrote That One, Too: A Life in Songwriting from Willie to Whitney.  We discussed his inspiration for the book, writing a book vs. writing a song, his songwriting process, and becoming a songwriter in Junior High School.

Note: Not the greatest audio quality due to a phone gremlin, but still understandable.

Amy S. Foster

Amy S. Foster is an accomplished songwriter (composing four #1 hits) as well as a novelist, and her latest book is “The Rift Uprising,” the first book in the trilogy.  We talked about the creative process of songwriting vs. writing a novel, why Young Adult literature can be for boys, too, and why not every SciFi-type book for teens doesn’t need to involve a dystopian future.

Carole Bayer Sager

It was an honor to have a few moments to talk to legendary songwriter Carole Bayer Sager about her new memoir, “They’re Playing Our Song.”  It’s full of terrific stories about her musical collaborators, the songwriting process, and overcoming the self-doubts that can hold us down.

Lisa Loeb

We always have fun chatting with Lisa Loeb, and she returned to our show to talk about her new album “Feel What U Feel.”   We talked about how being a mom influenced her songwriting, our personal experiences with The Wiggles, what makes a successful song for all ages, and why you can’t beat kids TV from the ’70s.


Chely Wright

Chely Wright’s new album, “I Am The Rain,” was the 2nd highest debuting album of her career on the charts.   We discussed her crowdfunding campaign, the role of technology in songwriting and artist collaborations, and the loyalty of her fans.

Jack Tempchin

Jack Tempchin is an accomplished songwriter, composing hits for the Eagles (“Peaceful Easy Feeling, Already Gone”), Glenn Frey (“You Belong to the City”, “Smuggler’s Blues”) Johnny Rivers (“Slow Dancing”) and many more.  His new solo album is “One More Song.”  We talked about the concept behind the record, why he wanted to get back to basics (one man, one guitar, one voice), and why it never gets old to hear one of his songs on the radio.

Diane Warren

Diane Warren is a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame.  She was the first person to have SEVEN songs (by seven different artists!) on the Billboard singles chart at one time.  Most recently, her song “Till It Happens To You” was the first song ever nominated for an Oscar, a Grammy and an Emmy.  It was a thrill to be able to talk to her about the songwriting process and her amazing career.

Elvis Costello

elviscostello_officialIt was a complete thrill to talk with the great Elvis Costello about his new book “Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink.”  We discussed why he finally decided to tell his story, his family’s musical background (his father was a popular singer and musician in England and even was on the same bill as The Beatles at the Royal Variety Show), and whether or not this book eliminates the need for “unauthorized” biographies.   It’s a fascinating and very personal look at one of the greatest songwriters in the history of ever and a man whose music has meant so much to me I named my first born after him.


Kenny Loggins and Blue Sky Riders

Kenny Loggins, Gary Burr and Georgia Middleman are the Blue Sky Riders.  Their new album, “Why Not,” will be released early next year.  In the meantime, you can check out their All Access Pass, where you can see footage of the entire writing and recording process.  We talked about how the group came together, what happens when three accomplished songwriters form a band, and the importance of crowdfunding and direct fan interaction.