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Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells starred as “Mary Ann” on the legendary sitcom “Gilligan’s Island” and is now the marketing ambassador for the “ME-TV” network, which is airing “Gilligan’s Island” weekdays at 8:30CT as part of the “Summer of Me.”  We talked about the timeless appeal of the series, the importance of shows the whole family can watch together, and the possibilities of coconut radios.  Dawn also shared some of her favorite memories of her fellow cast members.

Kat Foster and JoBeth Williams

Kat Foster and JoBeth Williams are two of the co-stars on TBS’s new comedy, “Your Family or Mine,” which premieres tomorrow night at 9CT.  The impressive cast also includes Ed Begley Jr., Richard Dreyfuss and Cynthia Stevenson.   We had a fun chat about how this show presents a unique twist on a “traditional” family comedy, how intimidating that much star power on one show can be, and why they’re much, much better at acting than I could ever possibly hope to be.