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Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho’s new stand-up special “PsyCHO” is coming to Showtime on September 25th, and Margaret will be appearing at the Chicago Theatre on October 3rd.  We talked about the timeline of putting together a one-hour special, how her comedy has evolved over the years, and whether or not “enhanced” viewing of the special (such as in Colorado and Oregon) will provide another level of jokes.

Sam Palladio from “Nashville” and “Strange Magic”

Sam Palladio is the voice of “Roland” in Disney’s new animated feature “Strange Magic.”  We discussed why Brits are so good at southern accents, how he restrained himself from totally geeking out when meeting George Lucas, and why he hopes he’ll soon be an action figure.

Nicholas D’Agosto from “Masters of Sex” and “Gotham.”

Nicholas D’Agosto stars in the Showtime series “Masters of Sex” and will be featured on the next episode of Fox TV’s “Gotham” as Harvey Dent.  We talked about the appeal of this series, how he got the role, and how much the comic book geek in him is loving the opportunity.