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Mike Nelson & Frank Conniff from MST3K

Mike Nelson and Frank Conniff are two of the stars of the legendary Mystery Science Theater 3000.  There’s a big, huge, enormous reunion show on June 28th that will be beamed live to cinemas nationwide, along with a special RiffTrax event.   We discussed how the reunion came about, if there will be surprise celebrity cameo appearances, and a brief history of 16mm film.   Find out more about the event here.

Kevin Murphy from Rifftrax & Tommy Wiseau from “The Room”

Kevin Murphy is a featured performer with the Rifftrax gang and a former cast member of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Tommy Wiseau is the director, producer and star of the cult classic film “The Room.”  They’ve teamed up to bring Rifftrax’s take on the film to theatres nationwide on January 28.  Check fathomevents.com for a theater near you.


Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy & Bill Corbett from “RiffTrax”

I was a seriously dedicated fan of the wonderful (and criminally and unjustly cancelled) Mystery Science Theater 3000 back in the day, and it’s great that Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett are still doing what they do in the form of RiffTrax.  We talked about their latest live event, invading a film festival, and the implications of “Sharknado” becoming a “genre.”

A live RiffTrax performance featuring “The Room” is coming to a theatre near you — visit fathomevents.com.