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Greg Graffin

Bad Religion lead singer Greg Graffin joined the show to talk about a new authorized biography of the band, “Do What You Want: The Story of Bad Religion.”  We discussed making music during a pandemic, achieving success as an independent band, and why the 1980s L.A. punk scene tends to be overlooked.

Henry Rollins

The legendary Henry Rollins joined the show to talk about his role in a new four-part docuseries Punk, which debuts March 11 on EPIX.  We also discussed how music and fashion were attached to the English punk rock scene, why he embraced the punk rock community as a teenager, and the reason he turns down most punk rock documentaries (and why he chose to appear in this one).

John Doe

John Doe is a member of the legendary punk rock group X and is also an accomplished solo artist and actor.  His new book, “Under the Big Black Sun: a personal history of L.A. Punk,” is a fascinating set of recollections of the Los Angeles punk scene as told by John and his colleagues such as Henry Rollins, Dave Alvin, Jane Wiedlin, Mike Watt, and many more.  We discussed why the L.A. punk scene has been far less documented than the CBGB scene of New York, how he felt like an outsider even at the center of the movement, and what he hopes we’ll take away from the book.