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Rick Wilson

unnamed (1)Rick Wilson, seasoned Republican political strategist, infamous negative ad-maker, and columnist for The Daily Beast, called us up to chat about his new book Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever.  Immediately after this interview, we learned that the guy who listens to our show and gets mad every time the slightest negative thing is said about Trump was found to have internally combusted.  Sorry not sorry.

The Political Talk Show

A couple years ago for April Fool’s Day, I signed on the morning show as if we’d flipped formats to a “Classic Rock” station with a new “shock jock” host, the joke being nothing he did or said was the least  bit shocking.

This year I did something similar (because I realized the night before Friday was April Fool’s Day and I should probably come up with something, and did so quite hurriedly) — a political talk show, hosted by a guy who not only never says anything remotely controversial, but also doesn’t really take a stand or have an actual opinion on anything — he’s just stating facts, but with a bit of an attitude.  The total bit lasted about a half hour on the air (including commercials, traffic & weather, etc), but I’ve broken the actual “political talk show” content down into three short segments.  Enjoy, and try your best to find an actual political opinion in there somewhere.

The Political Talk Show Part 1 (2:56)

The Political Talk Show Part 2 (2:48)

The Political Talk Show Part 3 (4:01)