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Chad Millman

Sports betting expert Chad Millman called in to reminisce wistfully about the ’85 Bears and share his thoughts on when the Bears might actually be competitive again, plus talked about the latest Super Bowl odds, prop bets, and the prospects of national legal sports betting in the NFL and NBA.

Donald Driver

In addition to being a “Dancing With The Stars Champion,” Donald Driver played 14 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, went to four Pro Bowls, and caught 64 touchdowns (I think 62 of them against the Bears).  Donald called in to discuss his book The 3D Body Revolution.  I tried talking Donald out of retirement since the Bears could use a wideout, but I failed.  Still, I had to ask.

Jim Koch from Samuel Adams

Jim Koch is the founder of the Boston Beer Company and brewer of Samuel Adams beers.  We chatted about the perfect beer pairing with pizza & wings, how Chicago & Boston had a difficult sports century before recent success, and why we should all unite behind the Patriots.



Curt Menefee

Curt Menefee called in to talk Bears football, Fox NFL Sunday, and his new book “Losing Isn’t Everything,” where he writes about the other side of triumphant sports moments.  We discussed Craig Ehlo, Calvin Schiraldi and more.



Steve Spurrier

Legendary coach Steve Spurrier has written his memoir, “Head Ball Coach: My Life in Football.”  We discussed why he decided it was time to share his story, how important it was for him to be a different kind of football coach, and why he always fell back on the wisdom of John Wooden.  We also shared some USFL memories and Steve told a story about his best game as a pro QB, which of course came against the Bears at Soldier Field.

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf is a former NFL quarterback who is now using his experiences with addiction and recovery to help educate others as program ambassador for Transcend Recovery Communities.   We discussed his situation and his outreach work with people seeking help for addiction.

The Transcend Help Line is 844-993-3988.


Buzz Bissinger on the 25th anniversary of “Friday Night Lights”

H.G. “Buzz” Bissinger is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author who recently wrote the Vanity Fair cover article on Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.  Buzz called in to talk about the 25th anniversary edition of “Friday Night Lights.”  We discussed his original cancelled book tour in 1990, what the book means to him 25 years later, and how it still applies to high school students.  We also debated whether his book is better than “Jay Cutler’s Interceptions for Dummies.”


Dr. Brian Mandell & Anthony “Spice” Adams for Gout Awareness Week

Dr. Brian Mandell from the Gout & Uric Acid Education Society and former Chicago Bear Anthony “Spice” Adams called in to share information on Gout Awareness Week.  Anthony is a gout sufferer who first experienced a flare-up at the unusually young age of 25.   We talked about how he was diagnosed, what steps can be taken to manage symptoms, and how good it felt to level QBs like Kurt Warner.

JR Lemon from “The Night Shift”

JR Lemon plays “Kenny” on NBC’s “The Night Shift.”  We talked about how his portrayal of the character has evolved, how learning more about the story points helps in his interaction with the other characters, and how well he’d be able to do motion capture moves for his co-stars (JR does much of the motion-capture for the popular “Madden NFL” series).

Important News for NFL Fans

With the playoffs approaching, the NFL has once again updated its policies regarding what you can bring into the stadium.  Here’s NFL Public Relations spokesman Bert Fern with the latest.