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Clive Standen

Clive Standen stars in the NBC series “Taken,” which airs Mondays at 10/9c.  We discussed stepping into the iconic role of Bryan Mills, how he likes to do his own stunts (apart from car crashes), and a non-spoiler reveal of tonight’s pivotal episode.

Davina Leone from The Voice

Davina Leone is a member of Team Adam on NBC’s The Voice as the show enters the knockout rounds.  Davina talked about her musical background (being woken up with Michael Jackson playing over an intercom), her songwriting, and overcoming bullying.

Caroline Sky from The Voice

16-year-old Caroline Sky is currently competing on NBC’s The Voice as part of Team Blake (originally from Team Gwen).  She’s a very mature singer and songwriter with influences including Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan.  We discussed her musical background, bonding with her fellow contestants, and forming a Supergroup.



Mary Lane Haskell

Mary Lane Haskell stars as the lovely & sweet Miss Moody in Dolly Parton’s “Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love,” which airs again December 23rd at 8CT on NBC.   We discussed how she approached the character, setting herself in that time period (and playing an “old maid” at age 26), and the force-of-nature incredible awesomeness of Dolly Parton. (including her My People Fund which is helping those who lost their homes in the Great Smoky Mountains wildfires.)

Diedre Hall

Diedre Hall has played Dr. Marlena Evans on “Days of Our Lives” for decades.  I was once so addicted to “Days” I basically needed an exorcism to get over it.   Diedre is now starring in a new movie for Hallmark Channel, “My Christmas Dream,” which premieres this Saturday night at 8/7c.  We discussed the family atmosphere at  Hallmark, shooting a Christmas movie the heat of July, and the timeless message of the movie.


Riley Elmore from Team Adam on “The Voice”

Riley Elmore is one of many contestants from the Chicago area, and he recently won his battle round against fellow Chicago guy Jason Warrior.   Riley has been called an “old soul” for his love of jazz and the music of Frank Sinatra, but he’s clearly learning from the best as he continues to advance on the show.  We discussed the valuable advice he’s received from Adam, how he prepares himself for the spotlight, and how his new-found confidence helps him shine.

Sa’Rayah from Team Alicia on “The Voice”

Last week we chatted with Chicago’s Jason Warrior, and this week it was a pleasure to welcome Jason’s colleague, the very talented Sa’Rayah.   We discussed her feelings on losing the battle round but getting to move on after being stolen by Alicia (after also receiving a strong pitch from Blake), why she feels she was destined to be where she is at this space and time (after overcoming some unbelievable odds), and how she knows she has a duty in her position to represent Chicago in a positive way.

Jason Warrior from Team Adam on “The Voice”

Jason Warrior is a Chicago native and is currently competing on “The Voice” as a member of Team Adam (after being stolen away from Team Alicia).  We discussed his unique perspective on the competition, how he’s a positive role model as he represents the city, and what was the best piece of advice he’s received from being on the show.

Michael Raymond-James from “Game of Silence”

Michael Raymond-James stars in NBC’s new drama “Game of Silence,” and he called into talk about what we can expect from the series, which after a successful Tuesday night preview following “The Voice” can now be seen Thursdays at 9c.

Kata Hay from Team Christina on “The Voice”

Kata Hay is impressing viewers and judges alike during her time on “The Voice.”  Kata called in to talk about her experience so far, clear up some wild stories about her background, and share her thoughts on working with Christina Aguilera and what she hopes to accomplish with her music career going forward.