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Chip Wade

Design & renovation expert Chip Wade called in to talk about getting our homes ready for fall and winter.  Mainly my home, because it was my show and I monopolized all his time on specific questions about my windows, radiators and refrigerator coils.  Hopefully you got something out of it, too.

Jonathan and Drew Scott from “Property Brothers”

Jonathan and Drew Scott are realtors, home remodeling experts and stars of HGTV’s “Property Brothers.”  They also have a strong musical background, going back to when they were kids and finding out they had special twin harmony skills.   Drew and Jonathan called in to talk about their new music, which was originally written for their TV special “Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch,” but is now available on iTunes by popular demand.   I also reminded them that I’m a drummer and I often see that they’re filming in Chicago.  I’m available, guys!


DIY expert Nicole Curtis

Nicole Curtis called in to talk about her partnership with Bernzomatic on a series of “Find Your Fire” grants, where three people will receive $10,000 grants to help bring a project to life that will benefit their communities.  The grand prize winner will receive a visit from Nicole herself to help complete the project! 


Summer DIY tips with Carter Oosterhouse

Carter Oosterhouse is a nationally recognized lifestyle and home improvement expert familiar to many from his many appearances on shows like “Trading Spaces.”  Carter called in to help us out with our summer DIY projects, and to tell us how we can win a one-on-one Skype call to pick his brain for advice as well as $15,000 cash for our project.

The Property Brothers, Drew & Jonathan Scott

Drew & Jonathan Scott, HGTV’s “Property Brothers,” are currently featured on “Brother vs. Brother,” now in its third season, but this time with a twist — in response to fan feedback,  instead of mentoring other teams, the brothers are in direct competition with each other, and the loser must complete an outrageous dare.  Could we soon see a a dare-only spinoff, live from Las Vegas on pay-per-view?

Catch new episodes of “Brother vs. Brother” Wednesday nights at 8CT.

Genevieve Gorder on Summer DIY Projects

Being a fellow native Midwesterner, Genevieve knows you’ve got to take advantage of the short summer season!  She shared tips on how to quickly and cheaply makeover our outdoor spaces with simple uses of color — let’s think beyond the beiges and the neutrals!  We look at dinginess all winter — let’s celebrate color this Summer.  Am I right, everybody in Chicago?  (Thunderous applause)  Thank you.

HGTV’s Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes called in to promote one or more of his 21 shows on HGTV and also shared some advice on getting your home ready for winter along with some general safety tips. He’s a stickler for safety glasses, so don’t even try that around him.  DON’T.  EVEN.  TRY.  IT.