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Saffron Burrows

It was a pleasure to chat with Saffron Burrows about  her award-winning series “Mozart In the Jungle,” which returns for Season 3 this Friday on Amazon Prime Video.  We discussed how she learned the cello for this role, the accuracy of symphony musician interaction depicted in the program, spending time in Chicago, and why we’re both awake at 4 in the morning.

Greer Grammer, “Miss Golden Globes” 2015

Greer Grammer is the star of the popular MTV series “Awkward” and will be featured this year as “Miss Golden Globes.”  We talked about what her duties include,, how much preparation goes into the ceremony, and how she plans to survive the next 72 hours in high heels.  The Golden Globes are on NBC Sunday night at 7CT.

Melissa Fumero from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

Melissa Fumero plays Detective Amy Santiago on Fox’s Golden Globe award-winning series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.   SPOILER ALERT!   She gave some vague hints and thinly disguised innuendo on what may or may not happen on the season premiere.  SPOILER ALERT!