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Cristy Lee live from Barrett-Jackson

Cristy Lee called in live on location in Scottsdale, Arizona to give us an update on the Barrett-Jackson collector car event going on now through Sunday, with live coverage on Discovery Channel and Velocity.  We discussed the rare and unique automobiles up for auction, her favorite cars on display, and why you shouldn’t get too close to vintage cars with either a churro or a turkey leg.

Emily Riedel from “Bering Sea Gold”

Emily Riedel is featured in the Discovery Channel series “Bering Sea Gold,” now in its fourth season, with new episodes Friday nights at 8 Central.  We discussed how she became the only female dredge owner in Nome, how some criticism of the show is patently ridiculous, and why, despite being a dedicated and aspiring opera singer, she has no plans to spin that off onto another series.

“Lebanon” Levi Stoltzfus from “Amish Mafia”

“Lebanon” Levi Stoltzfus is featured in Discovery Channel’s #1 hit series “Amish Mafia.”  His new book is “Amish Confidential.”  We talked about when he knew he wanted to write the book, what misconceptions about the Amish community he hopes to clear up, and why it’s important to him that the Amish be portrayed honestly and fairly, with both positive and negative sides represented.