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Al Madrigal

It was a fun & very casual chat with Al Madrigal.  He gave us the up-to-the-minute weather for Pasadena, California, while suggesting we warm up here in Chicago by using flaming barrels.  We also discussed acting, marriage, comedy, and of course “About A Boy.”

Al Madrigal from “About a Boy”

Al Madrigal plays Andy on NBC’s “About a Boy.”  We discussed his unique twist on the “married friend of a single guy” role,  the chemistry of the cast (and crew), and the creative atmosphere on set that allows for creative collaboration.


Rob Riggle

Rob Riggle called in to talk about the NFL and fantasy football.  He also asked that if you’re going to shout “POW!” at him, you don’t do it while sneaking up from behind.   (Warning: “POW!” link might be NSFW.)