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Vicki Lawrence

Vicki Lawrence is one of our favorite guests, and we were happy to have her call in to talk about the amazing new box set “The Carol Burnett Show: The Lost Episodes – Treasures from the Vault.”  It’s a spectacular collection of full-length episodes of the early years of the show that haven’t been seen in decades.  We discussed how her role grew on the show, the  perfect timing and chemistry of the cast, and why the show remains timeless and an example of comedy perfection.


Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells starred as “Mary Ann” on the legendary sitcom “Gilligan’s Island” and is now the marketing ambassador for the “ME-TV” network, which is airing “Gilligan’s Island” weekdays at 8:30CT as part of the “Summer of Me.”  We talked about the timeless appeal of the series, the importance of shows the whole family can watch together, and the possibilities of coconut radios.  Dawn also shared some of her favorite memories of her fellow cast members.

Charlotte Rae

Charlotte Rae called in to talk about her new memoir, “The Facts of My Life.”  We talked about the surprising opening chapter (which you’d never expect if you think of her only as Mrs. Garrett), why she decided to finally share her story, and how “The Facts of Life” viewed in the context of its time was groundbreaking television in its realistic portrayal of teenagers.

Marty Krofft on his new series “Mutt & Stuff”

Marty Krofft is a legendary TV producer who is responsible for some of my fondest childhood memories — watching “Land of the Lost” and “Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.”  We discussed his new show, “Mutt & Stuff,” premiering on Nickelodeon this Friday morning.   I also found out the Sigmund costume I wore in pre-school would be worth a small fortune if I still had it.  Time to raid my parents’ attic!