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Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

We always have fun talking to Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, and this time I really needed her help to avoid a pre-holiday meltdown and/or freakout as we get ready to host Thanksgiving at our house.   Alex had some great tips on staying organized, coming up with healthy versions of holiday classics, and how not to drive yourself (meaning me) crazy.

Chef Amanda Freitag on new episodes of “American Diner Revival”

Chef Amanda Freitag called in to talk about a new season of “American Diner Revival” on Food Network, which she co-hosts with Ty Pennington.  We talked about why it’s important to preserve classic diners, common things that can get a mom-and-pop restaurant in trouble, and her favorite diner food.

Chef Marc Murphy

Chef Marc Murphy was once again listed in People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue as the sexiest chef, and just opened a new restaurant, Grey Salt.  We talked about the process of opening a new venue, his worked on Chopped, and whether or not all Food Network personalities are constantly dropping in on each other’s houses.

Travel Tips with Ted Allen

“Chopped” host and travel expert Ted Allen called in live on location from Austin, Texas to talk about how to properly pack for a trip, the best way to get a room upgrade at your hotel, the best way to redeem travel points, and the difference between Brooklyn & Austin hipsters.

Ted Allen and Lizzie Post

From The Big Wakeup Call Vault ™:  In this chat from December of 2013, the Food Network’s Ted Allen and etiquette expert Lizzie Post teach us how to behave like civilized adults this holiday season.  Ted also shares a story involving hipster beards and a unique shop in his Brooklyn neighborhood.

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

Alex is regularly seen on Food Network’s hit series “Chopped” and “Iron Chef America.”  She called in to share some dessert ideas for the holidays.   Alex is a notoriously tough judge on “Chopped,” so it was fun to hear her lighter side and actually make her laugh!

Chef Amanda Freitag

BWUC EXCLUSIVE:  Chef Amanda Freitag reveals why Brussels Sprouts suddenly became edible in 2002!  She also shared a great pork-on-pork recipe, which I misunderstood as pork-on-pork-on-pork and inadvertently made it better.   Next:  pork-on-pork-on-pork, batter-dipped and deep-fried — coming soon to the Wisconsin State Fair.