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Joe Minoso

Chicago Fire star Joe Minoso joined the show to talk about tonight’s crossover episodes of Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, beginning tonight at 8 CT on NBC-5 Chicago.  Joe and I also discussed the stupidest Chicago winter ever and his roots in the area.


Rachel DiPillo from “Chicago Med”

Rachel DiPillo plays Dr. Sarah Reese on “Chicago Med,” which premieres tomorrow night at 8 on NBC-5 Chicago.  We talked about how she joined the show, what she did to prepare to play the role of a fourth-year med student, and how the whole Chicago PD/Fire/Med franchise works together.

David Eigenberg from “Chicago Fire”

David Eigenberg plays Christopher Hermann on “Chicago Fire,” which has its season four premiere tonight at 9c on NBC-5 Chicago.  David and I discussed our suburban Chicago backgrounds, growing up Cubs fans, filming in Chicago, and what we’ll see on tonight’s season premiere episode.

David Eigenberg from “Chicago Fire”

David Eigenberg plays firefighter Christopher Herrmann on NBC’s “Chicago Fire.”  Most people are unaware that the majority of the cast lives in Chicago full-time while the show is in production.  David talked about how he gets stressed out when he finds out his character is featured heavily, and how the show has evolved over the course of three seasons.  We also shared some fun Chicago weather stories.  Catch a new episode of “Chicago Fire” tonight at 9 on NBC-5 Chicago.