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World News Center: Bitcoins & Beans

In this week’s segment from the World News Center, Bill McCormick begins with a cautionary tale of doing one’s due diligence, and then we proceeded with a discussion about the capital gains implications of cyber currency, dealing with the organic food police, and an unusual rock and roll collaboration.

Plus: introducing a new podcast and discovering Bill’s true essence as a big ball of floating sunshine.

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Ira Robbins on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Ira Robbins has been covering rock and roll for more than 40 years as publisher of Trouser Press magazine and now on the Trouser Press website. ¬†We had a fun chat about the evening’s events, why Kid Rock inducted Cheap Trick, who’s left in Chicago’s lineup, the grumpiness of Steve Miller and why we can’t see a live broadcast of the show.