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Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern, award-winning host of “Bizarre Foods” on Travel Channel, called in along with Jennifer Kaleba from No Kid Hungry to discuss how we can eat out and make our meals count in September by dining at participating restaurants that will donate a portion of the proceeds to No Kid Hungry.  We also talked about the shamefulness of having a culture that’s more aware of food than ever (courtesy of so many food-related tv shows) but still struggles to feed all of its people, especially children.

Andrew Zimmern on new episodes of “Bizarre Foods”

“Bizarre Foods” returns for its 9th season (where it will pass the 200 episode mark) Monday, September 28th at 8CT on Travel Channel.  We chatted with host Andrew Zimmern about the season premiere (in which he is personally involved in regime change in Guatemala) and how his mission for the show remains consistent (why it’s much more than just “fat white guy goes around eating”).