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A Comic-con wrap-up with Bill McCormick

Bill McCormick checked in from the World News Center with a wrap-up of San Diego Comic-Con, including the movie trailers that were leaked in the wake of the convention.  We also discussed the science of the Fantastic Four.

More on Deadpool & Suicide Squad from Bill McCormick

Bill McCormick from the World News Center gives us the latest from the sets of Deadpool & Suicide Squad, and leaves us on a happy note with a teaser about chimps lighting fires.

Bill McCormick with breaking superhero news

Bill McCormick checks in from the World News Center with some breaking news nuggets about Batman vs. Superman, Deadpool, and Suicide Squad.



Bill McCormick answers listener questions

Listeners to The Big Wakeup Call have lots of questions for the World News Center‘s Bill McCormick, and Bill takes the time to answer them this week, discussing Daredevil, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Bill McCormick on Deadpool & movie reboots

Bill McCormick checked in from the World News Center to talk about some of the 50 old movies that are scheduled to be rebooted in the next few years, and also share the latest news about the Deadpool movie.  He also passes along a Justice League-related nugget that fans should be giddy about!

Bill McCormick talks Anime Science Fiction & Fracking

Bill McCormick checked in from the World News Center to talk about anime science fiction, fracking, and of course Batman vs. Superman.

Bill McCormick with more on Suicide Squad

Bill McCormick called in from the World News Center with more information about the Suicide Squad movie, including several exclusives and a possible breaking story about an incredible bit of casting.

Bill McCormick on Superman, Suicide Squad and Squanto

During his weekly segment, Bill McCormick called in from the World News Center to give us more updates on Batman vs. Superman filming in Chicago, news about Suicide Squad casting, and how this podcast has taken on an international flavor.  We also briefly revisit Bill’s controversial Thanksgiving story about how the beloved Squanto was actually a real jerkstore.

Bill McCormick on The Fantastic Four

Bill McCormick joined us for his weekly chat from the World News Center to give us an update on the Batman/Superman movie, what’s happening on the set of the new Fantastic Four movies (yep, plural), and also how 3-D printing technology could eradicate homelessness.

Harry Lennix from The Blacklist

Harry Lennix is very excited to play his character, FBI head Harry Cooper, and to be on a critically-acclaimed and successful show.  He’s also still a huge Chicago Bears fan and was kind enough to give us a tiny information nugget on the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie, where he will reprise his role as General Swanwick.