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Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy called in to talk about a special episode of “My Cat From Hell” airing this Saturday night at 8/7c on Animal Planet, where he takes 50 kittens from an L.A. animal shelter on a 17 hour drive to his hometown of Boulder, Colorado in search of forever homes.  We also discussed introducing a new pet to a home with a current pet, and how dogs and cats can get along.

Puppy Bowl “Rufferee” Dan Schachner

Dan Schachner called in to give us the latest on Puppy Bowl XIII, airing this Sunday on Animal Planet.  We talked about how the rosters are larger than ever, a change in scoring for this year’s game, and how large a staff it takes to put on a production like this.  We also had a serious discussion about adopting animals from a shelter and what it takes to be a foster home for dogs or cats.

Dan Riskin from “Monsters Inside Me”

Dan Riskin is the host of Animal Planet’s “Monsters Inside Me,” which is now entering its sixth season exploring stories of the bacteria and parasites that co-exist within our bodies.  We talked about what we’ll see on tonight’s premiere episode, how the stories are chosen, and why it’s ok to watch with a combination of fascination and fear.

“Monsters Inside Me” airs at 9/8c tonight on Animal Planet.


Dan Schachner, Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl referee

Dan Schachner, Animal Planet Host and Puppy Bowl referee, called into share tips about traveling with your pet this summer.  We also discussed how he got the Puppy Bowl gig, and what we can look forward to next season.

Jackson Galaxy, host of “My Cat From Hell.”

Animal Planet’s Jackson Galaxy called in to talk about his new book, Catification.  He talked about designing a stylish yet cat-friendly home and why rejecting Hot Wheels is no reason to get rid of anybody.