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Matt Iseman

Emmy-nominated TV host and “American Ninja Warrior” commentator Matt Iseman returned to the show after a five-year absence (which I now will no longer take personally) when he dialed us up to chat about hosting a new season of “Live Rescue,” which can be seen Friday & Saturday nights on A&E.

Matt Iseman on the “American Ninja Warrior” Finale

American Ninja Warrior host Matt Iseman called in to talk about tonight’s three-hour season finale, airing tonight at 7CT on NBC-5 Chicago.  We discussed some of the new and  vicious obstacles that might greet competitors on stages 2 and 3, why the propeller challenge was particularly deadly in stage one, and the odds of Matt awarding someone a big, oversize check for a million bucks at the end of the night tonight.

Kristine Leahy from American Ninja Warrior

Kristine Leahy is the co-host and sideline reporter for “American Ninja Warrior” on NBC.  We talked about how she approaches her role on the show, our shared history as fans of the ’90s dynasty Bulls teams, and why she and Matt Iseman appear to have standard answers for why they haven’t attempted the obstacles this season.

A special all-military edition of American Ninja Warrior (filmed in front of the USS Iowa) airs tonight at 8/7C on NBC.

Matt Iseman on the return of “American Ninja Warrior”

“American Ninja Warrior” is back for an all-new season starting Monday night at 8/7 Central on NBC.   We visited with host Matt Iseman on what we can expect this season, what contestants are returning, and why he feels the show has really caught on with viewers.  I also tried to talk Matt into doing his own podcast, or at least be a regular podcast guest.  Matt loved the idea and is now going to attempt to be to podcasts what Sandra Bernhard and Terri Garr were to Letterman’s show in the ’80s.

Matt Iseman from “American Ninja Warrior”

Matt Iseman called in to hype up the series finale of American Ninja Warrior on NBC (repeats also shown on the Esquire network).