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Lenny Dykstra

Even though I grew up a Cubs fan, I’ve always had a fascination with and an inexplicable love for the ’86 Mets, so it was great to have Lenny Dykstra on the show to talk about his fascinating new memoir “House of Nails.”  Lenny and I discussed his hitting the first night game home run in Wrigley Field (twice), why the Cubs will go all the way, why he chose to use PEDs, and the right way and wrong way to approach the game.


Mookie Wilson

It was fun talking with Mookie Wilson, who called in to promote the new paperback version of his book “Mookie:  Life, Baseball and the ’86 Mets.”  We talked about the Cubs-Mets rivalry in the mid-80s, how much fun the ’86 Mets were, and why we’ll likely never see such a collection of characters assembled in one clubhouse again.