Jennifer Beals

What do you talk about when given the chance to chat with one of People magazine’s most beautiful people in the world?  Toxic chemical law reform, of course!


Jackie Collins

Had a great conversation with author Jackie Collins about her new book, sex, drugs, rock and roll — you know, the typical morning chit-chat subjects.

The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore

I called in a personal favor from The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore in order to get to the bottom of just what in the heck is going on with this endless winter of yuck.  Why would he owe me a personal favor?  I can’t say, but it certainly has nothing to do with a box of donuts, two pairs of sandals, and the Atari 2600 version of “Centipede.”


Ralph Macchio

Ralph Macchio called to promote his new “Fitness is the new 50″ project and also talked about his time on “Dancing With the Stars” and the 30th anniversary of “The Karate Kid.”


Scott Aukerman from Comedy Bang! Bang!

I’m a big fan of “Comedy Bang! Bang!” and was happy to chat with Scott about a kinder, gentler surrealist talk show, comedians being funny without doing “bits,”  and the force of nature that is Reggie Watts.   Next time I’ll have to remember to ask him how he manages to balance work and family.


Anthony Melchiorri from “Hotel Impossible”

Anthony and I chatted about the upcoming new season of “Hotel Impossible” on the Travel Channel, how to get a great hotel deal online, and why, when given the choice, you should always select the “no bedbugs” option.


Rory Scovel from TBS’s Ground Floor

Rory called in to talk about his work on “Ground Floor” and also wanted to discuss his cool new vinyl-only comedy album, recorded live at Jack White’s studio.



Alan Thicke

Alan Thicke, your TV pal, called into the show to share his “Thicke’s Picks” for last-minute holiday gifts.  We also talked hockey, twerking and late-night cable TV ads.

Joe Lo Truglio

Joe Lo Truglio has been creating unique and memorable characters for more than 20 years.  His latest is as Detective Charles Boyle on Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” We talked about working with a great ensemble cast, the secret weapon of the show, and my suggestion for the next great guest star  (SPOILER ALERT:  A member of “Stella” that’s not Michael or Michael).


Michael Ian Black

Ever since I first saw him on “The State” in the mid-90s, Michael Ian Black has been one of my favorite comedy performers.  We discussed his work in “Stella” and his new show on TBS, “Trust Me, I’m a Game Show Host.”   Winners receive $240 worth of pudding.