Bill McCormick on cheese-related deaths

Whenever there is an uptick in cheese consumption, more people are killed by being strangled by their bedsheets.  Bill shared these and other fascinating facts on his weekly visit from the World News Center, including a heartwarming story of how 16 high school students used information from last week’s segment to get a leg up on their science projects.  Also, mentions of cleavage if that does anything for you.

Kristen Schaal: Throwback Thursday

From The Big Wakeup Call Vault(tm):  Kristen Schaal called into the show in May of 2013 to talk about the season finale of Bob’s Burgers and their upcoming live tour.  We also talked a little bit about Flight of the Conchords and the rumored huge makeout session at the 30 Rock wrap party.  Listen for me to say a naughty word that almost derails the interview and puts the entire show in jeopardy for several seconds!

Dan Mintz from Bob’s Burgers

Dan Mintz is best known as the voice of Tina on Fox’s “Bob’s Burgers.”  He was calling in to promote his new stand-up album, The Stranger, out today in digital form and available on CD starting October 21.   We discussed his performance style, how social media is an insatiable monster when it comes to creating content, and why he’s always felt too shy to appear on podcasts.

Food Network’s Sandra Lee

We always have a good time when Sandra Lee calls in.  Today she had a nice candy corn buzz on as she shared tips on Halloween costumes, decor, and adult beverages.  At the end, she called me “honey.”  Either she forgot who she was talking to, or we’ve really bonded over the years in the 6-to-8 minutes we have together every 6 months or so.

Harry Lennix from The Blacklist

Harry Lennix is very excited to play his character, FBI head Harry Cooper, and to be on a critically-acclaimed and successful show.  He’s also still a huge Chicago Bears fan and was kind enough to give us a tiny information nugget on the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie, where he will reprise his role as General Swanwick.

Adam Ferrara from Top Gear

Adam Ferrara called in to talk about the new season of Top Gear (Thursdays at 8:00 CT on the History Channel).  He also shared stories about his stand-up days and driving 182 miles an hour on the way to the interview.

The Movieman on Gone Girl, Annabelle and Ebola

The Movieman was calling live from the set of CNN, so he kept looking over his shoulder in fear of catching Ebola while reviewing Gone Girl and Annabelle.  He also wants us to help spread the hashtag #Affleckpeen, which I refuse to do.


Bill McCormick from The World News Center

Bill McCormick from The World News Center spent his weekly visit with The Big Wakeup Call talking more about the future of space travel.   As in, like, November.



Bob Harper from “The Biggest Loser”

Bob Harper has been with The Biggest Loser since day one, and he called in to reflect on the 10th anniversary of the series, including the biggest changes he’s seen over 16 seasons, things he was surprised made it to air, and how he’s modified his training style over the past decade.

Henry Zebrowski from NBC’s “A-Z”

Henry Zebrowski was so happy to be calling a station in Chicago, fatherland of “his people.”  It was a very funny chat about getting the part of the best friend/wacky neighbor, comedic timing, the pitfalls of producing a pilot, and alliteration.