Bill McCormick on Space Travel, Marvel Movies and Methane Bombs

Bill McCormick from the World News Center used his weekly segment to talk about a team of Chinese scientists going to the moon, what’s happening on the Marvel Comics side of the movies, and giant methane bombs in Arizona that could blow things up real good.

Camren Bicondova, Selina Kyle on “Gotham.”

Camren Bicondova is just 15 years old but was very well-spoken during our interview.  She talked about auditioning for the role of Selina Kyle, how she tries to play the future Catwoman, and her relationship with co-star David Mazouz, the future Bruce Wayne.


Jackson Galaxy, host of “My Cat From Hell.”

Animal Planet’s Jackson Galaxy called in to talk about his new book, Catification.  He talked about designing a stylish yet cat-friendly home and why rejecting Hot Wheels is no reason to get rid of anybody.

Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy from MST3K and Riff Trax

MIke Nelson and Kevin Murphy are best known for being part of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  They now record “Riff Trax,” which are hilarious movie commentaries you can listen to while you watch your personal DVD collection.   They’re doing a live Riff Trax of the 1997 movie classic “Anaconda” at theatres nationwide (Find one near you here).   We talked about their writing process,  how they decide which films to riff on, and just what exactly is their beef with “According to Jim.”

Casey Wilson

I’ve been a fan of Casey Wilson since she first appeared on Saturday Night Live.  She now stars as Annie on NBC’s “Marry Me,” Tuesday nights at 8 Central.  She talked about how she and co-star Ken Marino quickly developed their chemistry, why Tim Meadows makes the best TV dad, and when we’ll hear her sing on the show.

BWUC Vault: Orlando Jones from Sleepy Hollow

Orlando Jones called the show just after the premiere of “Sleepy Hollow.”  We chatted about how he joined the show and why his previous work on Mad TV prepared him to work in such a diverse ensemble of characters.  He also deftly dodge my attempt to get him to reveal a spoiler.  Enjoy this entertaining flashback from The Big Wakeup Call Vault ™.

Bill McCormick on The Fantastic Four

Bill McCormick joined us for his weekly chat from the World News Center to give us an update on the Batman/Superman movie, what’s happening on the set of the new Fantastic Four movies (yep, plural), and also how 3-D printing technology could eradicate homelessness.

The Movieman on “Book of Life” and “Fury”

The Movieman joined the show this week to review “Book of Life” and “Fury” (NOT “Furry” — that’s a another type of movie that could go a couple of different ways).  He also scolded me about improper movie ticket buying techniques.  See more from The Movieman by going to

Scott Aukerman on the return of Comedy Bang! Bang!

I will state with 100 percent absolute metaphysical certitude that Comedy Bang! Bang! is my favorite TV show right now, so I was delighted to have host Scott Aukerman back on the show and ask him all the questions I couldn’t get to during his last appearance.  Scott was very funny (and very patient), and even gave us a ‘sclusie as to what we’ll see on a future episode!

Comedy Bang! Bang!  returns to IFC will all-new episodes starting Tonight (October 17) at 10:00 Central.  You heard me.  Central.

Daniel Stern talks about “Manhattan”

Daniel Stern is currently starring in “Manhattan,” a WGN America drama about the creation of the atomic bomb.  We talked about what it means for the show to have been renewed for a second season, how it feels to view himself as a seasoned veteran actor, and of course how he wound up having the best beard on television.