Bill McCormick on Superman, Suicide Squad and Squanto

During his weekly segment, Bill McCormick called in from the World News Center to give us more updates on Batman vs. Superman filming in Chicago, news about Suicide Squad casting, and how this podcast has taken on an international flavor.  We also briefly revisit Bill’s controversial Thanksgiving story about how the beloved Squanto was actually a real jerkstore.

The Movie Man on “Mockingjay Part 1”

In his weekly segment, The Movie Man and I talked about Mockingjay (Part 1), things not firing correctly, whether or not Jennifer Lawrence is currently doing a “bit,” and how he’s going to single-handedly ruin this movie’s box office success.



Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura called in to promote his new show on Ora TV, “Off The Grid.”  We talked about minimum and maximum wages, why more young people are getting their news online, and how he must have been having a bad day when he was nice to me after a wrestling event back in the ’80s.


Claire Robinson from “5 Ingredient Fix”

It’s always a great time when Claire Robinson calls in to share menu ideas or her latest cocktail creation.  Today, we talked about the “Share A Meal” program, where up to 100,000 meals will be provided for hungry families this season.  We also co-create a drink recipe live in front of your very ears!



John Gemberling from “Marry Me”

John Gemberling stars as “Gil” on NBC’s “Marry Me.”  We talked about his twist on the “best friend/wacky neighbor role,” how Gil discovers an underground world of exquisite and unique cheeses, and John’s role on Comedy Bang Bang as a very special kind of robot.

Jillian Bell from “Workaholics” and “22 Jump Street”

Jillian Bell called in today to plug the DVD release of “22 Jump Street.”  We also chatted about how she landed the part on Workaholics and her secret way of getting great online reviews.




Joe Lo Truglio

Joe Lo Truglio currently plays detective Charles Boyle on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  We talked about the emotional pitfalls his character has faced this season, the extraordinary demands made by the cast following their first-season success, and the continuing influence of The State on the world of comedy.

The Movieman on “Dumb and Dumber To”

The Movieman emerged from hiding following last week’s brutal Twitter to give us his thoughts on “Dumb and Dumber To,” as well as “Foxcatcher” and “Beyond The Lights.”

Chef Rocco Dispirito

Rocco Dispirito called into the show to promote his guest appearance on “The Biggest Loser.”  We had a very interesting conversation about how to establish healthy habits and the real danger facing Americans on a daily basis in the form of our diets.



Nicholas D’Agosto from “Masters of Sex” and “Gotham.”

Nicholas D’Agosto stars in the Showtime series “Masters of Sex” and will be featured on the next episode of Fox TV’s “Gotham” as Harvey Dent.  We talked about the appeal of this series, how he got the role, and how much the comic book geek in him is loving the opportunity.