Lorenzo Lamas

Lorenzo Lamas called in to talk about his new autobiography, “Renegade at Heart”  as well as his upcoming appearance on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice.  He also revealed the role people still recognize him from the most, no matter where he goes.

Al Madrigal from “About a Boy”

Al Madrigal plays Andy on NBC’s “About a Boy.”  We discussed his unique twist on the “married friend of a single guy” role,  the chemistry of the cast (and crew), and the creative atmosphere on set that allows for creative collaboration.


Kimberly Schlapman from “Little Big Town”

Kimberly Schlapman is a member of the CMA and Grammy award-winning group Little Big Town.  She called in to discuss sweet, delicious ham — and how you can give back this season with the Smithfield Lend A Ham campaign.  We also talked about the band’s new record and tour.

Chef Eric Greenspan

Chef Eric Greenspan returned to the show to talk more about his National Geographic Channel show “Eric Greenspan Is Hungry,” which is getting rave reviews.  This time, I made sure to pick his brain for more grilled cheese-related nuggets.

Brian Posen of Chicago Sketchfest

Brian Posen is the executive director of the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, which kicks off its 14th year Jan. 8-18, 2015.  We talked about the state of sketch comedy (Not to be confused with “The State” sketch comedy group), how the genre has evolved, and what can be expected at the festival this year.

Dr. Mike Dow from “My Strange Criminal Addiction”

Dr. Mike Dow is an author and addiction specialist.  He’s also the host of “My Strange Criminal Addiction” on Investigation Discovery.  We talked about some of the cases featured on the show, and how to know when something has gone from passion to obsession to addiction to a criminal activity.

Bill McCormick with more on Suicide Squad

Bill McCormick called in from the World News Center with more information about the Suicide Squad movie, including several exclusives and a possible breaking story about an incredible bit of casting.

Dean Cain

Dean Cain called in to talk about his favorite subject, bacon!  More specifically, the Farmland Bacon for Santa campaign and how we can help feed hungry families this holiday season.  Dean also stars in a new Christmas movie, “Merry Ex-Mas,” premiering Sunday night at 8 on the Ion Channel.


H. Jon Benjamin from “Bob’s Burgers”

H. Jon Benjamin is the voice of Bob Belcher on “Bob’s Burgers.”  We had a very funny chat about adjusting to time slot changes, recording techniques, and how he answers unusual questions from fans at comic conventions.


Pentatonix’s new album, “That’s Christmas To Me,” is the highest-charting Christmas album by a group since 1962.  Kevin Olusola and Avi Kaplan called in to talk about performing at the Rock City Christmas festivities and how they put together material for the album.