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Jerry Springer

It’s always fun to catch up with my old pal Jerry Springer.  “The Jerry Springer Show” is now in its 27th season, and Jerry called into chat about the history of the show and some recent topics. Jerry estimates he’s had more than 50,000 guests on the show during its run!

Plus:  Jerry’s work for Donald Trump and his current political aspirations.

Parry Gripp

Parry Gripp is a singer-songwriter and recording artist who has racked up hundreds of millions of views on YouTube for songs like “It’s Raining Tacos.”  Parry also leads the band Nerf Herder, a favorite among my fellow fans of ’90s high octane geek rock.  Parry called into talk about his new book (in partnership with National Geographic Kids), “Somebunny Loves Me.”

Jeff Mauro

Jeff Mauro from Food Network’s “The Kitchen” called into the show to complete my set of interviews with panelists from that show (including Katie Lee, GZ, and Sunny).  We talked about his insanely addictive “Bao to the Tots,” how to introduce young children to new flavors and cuisines, Chicago weather, opening new restaurants, and how his best friends have clean, smooth skin.

Ellie Krieger

Ellie Krieger returned to the show to talk about healthy swaps for National Heart Health month.  But mainly we just discussed my favorite topic:  Brownies!

World News Center: America Worships Rodents

In this chat with Bill McCormick from the World News Center, we discussed a wide range of topics, including:

  • How Jesus visiting the temple turned into drinking with rodents
  • Why Punxatawny parties are more fun than hanging out with Keith Moon
  • How the magic pennsylvania water makes phil immortal.  why doesn’t the same water make a better beer?
  • U.S. Anglophile’s inexplicable obsession with the British royal family
  • Why, despite the Fox-Disney merger, you’ll never see Tinkerbell flying around the castle in front of a remake of Porky’s.
plus, as always:  overlapping dialogue!

Kane Hodder

Horror movie legend Kane Hodder called in to talk about the surprise 4th installment of the “Hatchet” series, “Victor Crowley,” which is available on digital and on demand on February 6th.  We talked about where the story picks up, why he still does his own stunts, what’s it like to literally rip someone’s head apart, and the immortal sleeping bag scene from Friday the 13th Part VII.


World News Center: Creepy Cryptocurrency

The World News Center’s Bill McCormick called in with an exhaustively researched history of money, covering the time from Biblical money changers and the Knights Templar (the original Swiss bankers) to modern-day cryptocurrency.  In this special extended bonus material segment, learn all about fiat money, currency manipulation, mining bitcoins, and more.

Chad Millman

Sports betting expert Chad Millman called in to reminisce wistfully about the ’85 Bears and share his thoughts on when the Bears might actually be competitive again, plus talked about the latest Super Bowl odds, prop bets, and the prospects of national legal sports betting in the NFL and NBA.

Jonathan Kauffman

Johnathan Kauffman is a James Beard Award-winning writer.  His new book is “Hippie Food: How Back-to-the-Landers. Longhairs and Revolutionaries Changes the Way We Eat.”  We discussed the rebellious nature of the original organic food movement, why things like hummus and whole grains were considered exotic and extraordinary, and why the “farm-to-table” movement likely would never exist if not for the original hippie food co-ops.

World News Center: Getting to know your bathroom

In our weekly chat with Bill McCormick from the World News Center, we discuss getting to know our bathrooms intimately during the current nasty flu outbreak, and then segue seamlessly into a look at 2018′s upcoming superhero movies.   Plus: Ninja Turtle murder porn, the death of pinball, and Bill babysits my kids.