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Brigitte Nguyen from Cooking Channel

Brigitte Nguyen is an accountant-turned chef who now hosts her own show on Cooking Channel, “From the Kitchens Of…”  Brigitte called in with hints & tips on adding new twists to holiday traditions.

Joel Harper, Celebrity Trainer

Joel Harper is a celebrity trainer as well as an expert on combining fitness and technology.  He talked about some of his favorite new gadgets and tried to motivate me to burn some calories…immediately!

Clinton Kelly from “The Chew”

Clinton Kelly co-hosted over 300 episodes of “What Not to Wear” and is now featured on ABC’s hit daytime show “The Chew.”  We talked about the rules of winter fashion, high-end sweatpants, and how to deal with oversized pictures of yourself at Macy’s.

Tony Denison from “Major Crimes”

Tony Denison plays Lt. Andy Flynn on TNT’s “Major Crimes,” which is back with all-new episodes Monday nights at 8 Central.  We talked about the fan reaction to the return of season three, what it’s like to be one of a handful of actors to play the same character on two hit shows, and Tony’s work with the Sunshine Kids Foundation.


LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn is bringing her “ONE Christmas” tour to the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles on December 18th.  We talked about her new Christmas record, the challenge in putting her own spin on Christmas classics, and what kind of music excites her today.

Amy Kule from Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Amy Kule is the executive producer of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We talked about what it takes to produce an event of this scale, what celebrity guests will be featured, and why the parade still draws millions of viewers as a family tradition.  SPOILER ALERT:  Amy also revealed what new balloons we’ll see this year!

John O’Hurley

John O’Hurley is back for his 13th year hosting the National Dog Show presented by Purina on NBC.  We talked about dogs, you know, no big whoop.

Dan Bucatinsky from “Marry Me”

Dan Bucatinsky plays “Kevin 2,” one of Annie’s (Casey Wilson) two dads, on NBC’s new hit comedy “Marry Me.”  We talked about how he first met “Kevin 1” (Tim Meadows), the quality of the writing on the show, and how the cast quickly developed their chemistry.

Chef Eric Greenspan

Chef Eric recently won Cutthroat Kitchen’s “Superstar Sabotage.” He’s got a brand new show on the National Geographic Channel, “Eric Greenspan Is Hungry.”  We had a very entertaining chat about hunting, fishing, hipsters, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Jo Frost, “Supernanny”

Every 20 seconds around the world, a child dies from a vaccine preventable disease like measles or pneumonia.  Jo Frost is on mission to help change this with her participation in the UN’s  Shot At Life program and her participation in Giving Tuesday, where you can give just $10 and provide a life-saving vaccination for a child.