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Kathy Valentine

Rock legend Kathy Valentine called in to talk about her career in the Go-Gos and her life story as told in her new book “All I Ever Wanted.”  We discussed how she got the gig as the bass player, her unusual upbringing in Texas, and our vinyl-collecting teenagers we have in common.

Dean Koontz

Legendary best-selling author Dean Koontz joined us for a chat about dogs and his new book, “Devoted.”

David Steinberg

David Steinberg, long-time friend and manager of Robin Williams, called in to talk about the launch of a new YouTube channel dedicated to Robin, as well as a new 22-disc set of Robin Williams material from Time Life.

World News Center: French Fry Grease Saves Lives

In a special visit from the World News Center (yes, a “very special” episode), Bill McCormick and I discussed how resin made from fast food grease trap renderings is now being used for 3-D printers at a fraction of the normal cost, with practical medical uses already underway.  Could a house be built out of french fry grease bricks?  Possibly.  Could your new car be old chicken nuggets?  Perhaps.  Can something previously known as a Filet-o-Fish be an important element in saving humanity?  You never know.

A Few Good News Stories (ish) from the World News Center

Bill McCormick from the World News Center called in to share some good news-ish stories coming out of the coronavirus outbreak, and then told us about COVID-19 scams, FDA vaccine approval, CRISPR, seed banks, and a “good news flu.”

John Rhys-Davies

John Rhys-Davies called in to talk about his role in “I Am Patrick,” where he plays one of three versions of St. Patrick, in this case elderly St. Pat.  John told a compelling story of the history of the movie and the Saint, gave us an inspirational talk about getting through our current situation, and finding the Word in troubled times.


Matt Fraser

Matt Fraser joined the show for a chat about his new book “When Heaven Calls” and the latest happenings on his E! Network show “Meet The Frasers.”

Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen joined us to discuss his new book “The Hot Hand: The Mystery and Science of Streaks.”  We talked about the lack of Michael Jordan on NBA Jam for Sega Genesis, the difference between “hot hand” and “dumb luck,” how to write songs like John Lennon, and a special “hot hand” Spotify playlist.


Barry Sonnenfeld

Director Barry Sonnenfeld dialed us up for a chat about his new book “Barry Sonnenfeld, Call Your Mother.”  Barry shared stories about the origin of the book’s title, breaking his hand while punching Will Smith, and verifying David Letterman’s claim that “there is some evidence to suggest he is not hooked up right.”

The All-New DIY T2 Kit

In this week’s visit from the World News Center, Bill McCormick shared some exciting news of a medical breakthrough that will make my experimental lung brush invention immediately obsolete.  We also discussed irresponsible coronavirus-related “hacks,” the return of high-tar smokes and asbestos, assembling your very own T2, and why I’ll probably never beat the computer again by the time Madden NFL ’28 comes out.