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Ralph Macchio

Ralph Macchio joined us after a three-year absence to talk about his new movie “Lost Cat Corona,” out today in select theaters and next Tuesday on iTunes.  We discussed the making of the film, working with a writer-director, and the impressive veteran cast.  Plus: early call times and getting a new QB for his beloved New York Jets.

The Movie Man’s Oscar Picks

The Movie Man joined us to give his Oscar Picks for 2017 (he’s correctly picked all the winners in the major categories for the last 14 years), and give us his thoughts on this week’s new releases.  Plus:  Fitbits, deep dish pizza, and lamenting the loss of the chicken shell taco.

Visiting New Planets with Bill McCormick

In his weekly visit from the World News Center, Bill McCormick discussed the new planets circling TRAPPIST-1 (Not named after the monks, although NESMITH-4 was indeed named after The Monkees), parallel timelines of evolution, and mining other moons for resources. Plus:  balloon sharks, Twilight sparkles, and Russian hackers on Planet F.

Dr. Ross Salawitch

Dr. Ross Salawitch is a professor in Atmospheric Science at the University of Maryland and the co-author of a new book. “Paris Climate Agreement: Beacon of Hope.”  We discussed what the agreement means, what each country has pledged to do, and what impact a new U.S. administration could have on the agreement and the environment.

Daymond John

daymond johnShark Tank’s Daymond John called in to give us details on the 2017 Miller Lite “Tap the Future” contest, where entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas and win $100,00.  Daymond was joined by James Hill, winner of the 2016 competition.  We discussed when you know you’ve got a unique and potentially successful idea, how you need to make an immediate impact when pitching to an investor, and James’ experience marketing a new style of Kombucha.

Scott Dikkers

trump americaScott Dikkers is the founding editor of The Onion.   He’s also responsible for a new book, “Trump’s America.”  We discussed how he managed to make the book so up-to-date, the difference between parody and satire, and when it’s okay to laugh.

Christine Lennon

the drifterChristine Lennon is a writer who has contributed to The New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, and The Wall Street Journal.  Her first novel is “The Drifter.”  We discussed the real events upon which the based the book, how she related to the characters, and the inclusion of ’90s pop culture references to set the scene.  Christine and I are two examples of “Generation X slackers” who have accomplished something (though a novel is way more impressive than a silly radio show.)

Christina Baker Kline

167463Christina Baker Kline is the author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller “Orphan Train.”  Her newest book is “a piece of the world,” which tells the story of the relationship between a famous painting (Christina’s World) by Andrew Wyeth and his subject, Christina Moore.  We discussed the real-life story featured in the novel, how Christina Moore took over her life, and introduced a new segment where we describe iconic American paintings on the radio.

Sam Moore

Sam MooreSam Moore is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the legendary Duo Sam & Dave.  Sam will be performing at the huge tribute show to Aretha Franklin at Carnegie Hall on March 6th.  We discussed playing college shows to segregated audiences, the impact of the Ed Sullivan Show, meeting The Beatles in Germany before they were famous, and recording for the infamous Morris Levy at Roulette Records.

Bill McCormick Opens the Mailbag

Bill McCormick joined us live from the World News Center and opened the mailbag to address some questions and concerns from listeners, including dogs & dairy, “Supergirl” the musical, and curing cancer with an obscene corkscrew.