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Monkeys & Robots v. Humans & Dogs

Bill McCormick called us up from the World News Center to discuss the shortcomings of robot airline pilots (Yay! an actual job where humans are still necessary…for now). Maybe it’s just me, but for me, one of the most important parts of an airplane flight is the landing. We also discussed how the eventual battle for the future of civilization could come down to Monkeys & Robots v. Humans & Dogs.  Plus:  A shoe box full of $20s and fake radio DJ voices.

Cyndi Lauper

Grammy, Tony, and Emmy Award winning singer-songwriter )that’s 3/4 of an EGOT!) called in to talk about some of her newest projects as well as her work as a spokesperson for the 8 million Americans dealing with symptoms of psoriasis.

Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos called in after a year-long absence (fortunately, it neither something I said or did that caused it) to talk about the Purina Dog Show, including their #DogThanking promotion.  We also checked up on our dogs Yuki and Whinnie.

Tracy Ifeachor

Tracy Ifeachor has starred in shows like The Originals, Crossbones, and Doctor Who.  She’s currently starring in “Treadstone,” which airs on USA Network Tuesday nights at 9 central.  We discussed the backstory of her character Tara Coleman, what’s its like to enter the world of the beginning of Treadstone pre-Jason Bourne, and whether or not she does a specific workout for potential stunts.

A Harm-Free Radio Show

It’s Friday, and we’re filled with girlish glee!  Thanks to a listener suggestion, The World News Center‘s Bill McCormick and I discuss a new alleged “harm-free” cigarette and how it managed to make its way through the FDA.  Plus: why you should avoid gas station supplements (not to mention the sushi), Ryan’s million-dollar fish tank, and how to save the earth with vodka.

Tracy Wilson and Holly Frey

Tracy Wilson and Holly Frey are the co-hosts of the popular “Stuff You Missed In History Class” podcast.  We discussed the creation of the program, recent topics they’ve tackled, and whether or not official licenses are involved to be a podcast (and/or radio) historian.

Joshua Dela Cruz

New “Blue’s Clues” host Joshua Dela Cruz called in to talk about the premiere of the brand new series, “Blues Clues and You,” a reboot of the classic show.  We shared memories of the original series and discussed how Joshua earned a new Blues Clues sweater to follow in the footsteps of Steve and Joe.

Bill McCormick gets Lit(erary)

In another chat with the World News Center‘s Bill McCormick, Bill talks all about his LitFest at the South Chicago Library on Saturday (11/2/19). Plus: James Brown, Johnny Cash, a Sony Walkman, and the return of beepers.

Scott Wolf

Scott Wolf called in to discuss his new movie “Inside Game: Telling the true story of the NBA Betting Scandal,” which is now in theaters and on demand.  We talked about how much work in research went into the film and getting input from the real-life characters.  We also naturally talked a bit about the current state of the NBA.

Gavin Edwards

Gavin Edwards is the author of “Kindness and Wonder:  Why Mister Rogers Matters Now More Than Ever.” We discussed what Mr. Rogers meant to us growing up and why its timeless messages can (and should) reach a new generation of kids…and adults.