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Don’t Heal Yourself by Staring at the Sun

On his weekly visit from the World News Center, Bill McCormick discussed how alternative medicines are a slower form of suicide, why you shouldn’t focus a telescope on the upcoming solar eclipse, life as we don’t know it, and hot sauce as a cure-all.


Linda Purl

Lina Purl called in to talk about her new film, “Bender,” based on a real-life story of a pioneer family in Kansas, which I described as “Little House on the Prairie meets Sweeney Todd,” a description that Linda plans to steal (with my enthusiastic permission!).

Bruce Campbell

bruce campbellIt was a pleasure to chat with Bruce Campbell about his new book, “Hail to the Chin: Further Confessions of a B-Movie Actor” (which Bruce reveals in our interview is part 2 of a planned trilogy).  We discussed elocution, investing in Detroit, why you should never stop working, how he prepares for Q&A sessions at conventions, and what’s happening on his book tour (which comes to The Music Box Theatre in Chicago on September 1).

Jessica Siskin

Jessica Siskin is the food artist behind Misterkrisp, a business that specializes in customizable crispy rice treats.  We talked about our mutual love for crispy treats and her fun new book “Treat Yourself!  How to Make 93 Ridiculously Fun No-Bake Crispy Rice Treats.”


Nuclear Monkeys in the World News Center

nuclear monkeyBill McCormick from the World News Center again decided to make us all curl up and hide with news of carnivorous monkeys playing rock-paper-scissors to learn how to take over the planet.  Plus: funny stuff about cannibalism, science taken out of context, a genius-level octopus and chimps splitting the atom.


Karin Slaughter

Critically-acclaimed and best-selling author Karin Slaughter called in to discuss her new stand-alone novel, “The Good Daughter.”

Michelle Tauber

Michelle Tauber is People magazine’s Royals Editor, and she called in to talk about a two-part series presented by People and airing Wednesday, August 9 and Thursday, August 10 at 9/8c on ABC, “The Story of Diana,” commemorating the 20th anniversary of her tragic death and examining her life and legacy.

The World News Center’s Build-a-Baby Workshop

build a babyWorld News Center Bureau Chief Bill McCormick called in for a lively discussion on a new technology that has some people pondering the repercussions of custom-made babies. Plus:  underwhelming big-budget 6th grade green screen special effects, 3 awesome minutes of telepathic CGI dogs, and The Emoji Movie vs. Wreck-It-Ralph.


World News Center: Don’t Play With Squirrels

no squirrelsBill McCormick from the World News Center joined the show in his weekly Friday segment to talk about a variety of topics, including how not to play with squirrels, why we won’t see a bridge or a chunnel across Lake Michigan, rebooting Spider-Man again, losing one’s mind over Dr. Who, and an update on the Thor & Hulk buddy comedy.

Anson Williams

Anson Williams called in to talk about his appearance on the new “Battle of the Network Stars” (which took him 40 years to get an invitation) and share information on his battle against drowsy driving with a new product, alert drops, created in partnership with his uncle, Dr.  Henry Heimlich.