George Schlatter

B4337.CIMGeorge Schlatter is the creator and producer of “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.”  The complete series is now out on DVD, including many shows that have never been released on home video.  We discussed the history of the show, its relevance today, and how Nixon became a part of it.  George also praised my radio skills, making him the second TV legend (Dick Cavett) to do so.  I now have two lines for my resume.  One of these days I’ll really know what I’m doing as an interviewer.


World News Center: Ban the Ban

2016-ireadbannedbooks-buttonBill McCormick gave us a holler from the World News Center for a lengthy yet lively chat about Barnes and Noble wiping out literature on behalf of Target, as well as catching us up on the newest superhero shows.