Clay and Jessica Walker

Country music superstar Clay Walker and his wife (and caregiver) Jessica called in to talk about Clay’s latest projects (including his upcoming new record) and to celebrate November as National Family Caregivers Month.  Jessica is helping Clay manage his relapsing MS.

Lauren Makk

Lauren Makk was featured on TLC’s “Trading Spaces” and was a panelist on “Fab Life.”  She joined us with some “holiday hacks” featuring her special brand of “Affordable Luxury” as she helped me avoid a panic attack over holiday preparation.

Wendie Malick

Wendie Malick is featured in a new Hallmark Channel movie, “Finding Father Christmas,” which premieres Sunday night at 9/8c.  We discussed her role in the film, as well her work on “Just Shoot Me” (one of my favorite shows ever) and “Bojack Horseman” (so messed up but in a very good way).

Willie Aames

Willie Aames is featured in a new movie for Hallmark Channel, “Every Christmas Tells a Story,” which premieres Saturday night at 8/7c.  We talked about our love for traditional holiday movies, the family atmosphere at Hallmark Channel, and working with the great Lori Laughlin.

The Movie Man and the Devil’s Flower

While many people are struggling to come to terms with the results of the election (on both sides of the aisle), one happy result in California is the legalization of the Devil’s Flower, which makes The Movie Man a very happy The Movie Man.   We also discussed this weekend’s new releases, including “Arrival” and “Shut In.”

An Altogether Different Update from the World News Center

World News Center bureau chief Bill McCormick called in to clear up some myths about the electoral college and how difficult it really is to amend the Constitution.  Plus:  Soda tax, Dr. Strange, Wonder Woman breaks the Internet, and for some reason Bill is now a role model for teen girls.

Rick Dees

It was great catching up with radio legend Rick Dees.  My first radio gig was running the board (manning the controls) for Rick’s Weekly Top 40 syndicated radio show, which he still hosts to this day.  We shared a little bit of radio history, and then talked about his new book “Rick Dees All-Time Top 40 Greatest  Desserts,” which features a pie crust recipe that has vodka and lard in the ingredients.  I’m in!

Amy S. Foster

Amy S. Foster is an accomplished songwriter (composing four #1 hits) as well as a novelist, and her latest book is “The Rift Uprising,” the first book in the trilogy.  We talked about the creative process of songwriting vs. writing a novel, why Young Adult literature can be for boys, too, and why not every SciFi-type book for teens doesn’t need to involve a dystopian future.

Colin Mochrie

Colin Mochrie is currently on tour with his “Whose Line Is It Anyway” colleague Brad Sherwood, and they’ll be at the Batavia Fine Arts Center on Friday night.  We had a fun conversation about wacky morning radio shows, coming up with ideas for merchandise, and the fact that, yes, indeed, for the 1000th time, their show is 100 percent improvised.

Kevin O’Connor

Kevin O’Connor has been the host of “This Old House” since 2003, and the show itself is now in its 37th season.  We talked about the longevity of the show, the current projects they’re working on, and whether or not I’m qualified to rip out a window in my house.