YouTube film reviewer Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann is one of the most popular film reviewers on YouTube with over 70 million views and 400,000 subscribers.  He’s just released his first book, “The Film Buff’s Bucket List.”  We discussed how the book came out of the YouTube reviews, how this is more of a series of personal relationships with films than a volume of reviews, and how many arguments he expects will be started as a result of the contents.

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf is a former NFL quarterback who is now using his experiences with addiction and recovery to help educate others as program ambassador for Transcend Recovery Communities.   We discussed his situation and his outreach work with people seeking help for addiction.

The Transcend Help Line is 844-993-3988.


Mike Nelson & Frank Conniff from MST3K

Mike Nelson and Frank Conniff are two of the stars of the legendary Mystery Science Theater 3000.  There’s a big, huge, enormous reunion show on June 28th that will be beamed live to cinemas nationwide, along with a special RiffTrax event.   We discussed how the reunion came about, if there will be surprise celebrity cameo appearances, and a brief history of 16mm film.   Find out more about the event here.