Jeremy Sisto on his new show “Wicked City”

Critically-acclaimed actor Jeremy Sisto called in to talk about his new series “Wicked City,” which airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on ABC.  We discussed his role as an LAPD detective investigating a serial killer in 1982 on LA’s Sunset Strip, how he centers himself to play the character in a specific space and time, and why you should give the show a “True Detective”-like chance to catch on.   Also listen for a brief cameo appearance from Jeremy’s during the interview that could likely result in heart melting.

Josh Gates from “Expedition Unknown”

Josh Gates is the host of the Travel Channel series “Expedition Unknown,” which is back with all-new episodes Wednesday nights at 9/8c.  Josh was calling live on location all the way from the Philippines,  where it was almost tomorrow when we spoke.  We discussed this week’s new episode about Robin Hood, how some myths and legends are actually living and evolving things, and why he should consider doing a show about the little-known legends of L.A. so he can stay home for a while.


Greg Renoff, author of “Van Halen Rising”

Greg Renoff has written a fascinating new book about the early days of Van Halen called “Van Halen Rising.”  We talked about what inspired the book, the intensive research he undertook to present the work (including smashing some of the supposed well known “facts”), and why the story of Van Halen still resonates nearly 40 years later.