Ed Skrein on “The Transporter Refueled”

Ed Skrein played Daario Naharis in season three of “Game of Thrones” and is now starring in “The Transporter Refueled.”  We discussed his stepping into the iconic role of Frank Martin, how he put his own spin on the character, and whether or not GOT fans notice him in public without the wig.

“The Transporter Refueled” opens nationwide on Friday.

Robert Kelly on his new comedy album and Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll

Robert Kelly is a comedian and actor who is currently featured on the FX series “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.”  He’s also just released a new comedy album “Live at the Village Underground.”  We talked about why the Comedy Cellar is a character in itself when it comes to doing a comedy special, how he chose the material for his show, and how he learned to be a drummer for the new series.  I also suggest a Smothers Brothers-like gimmick for his next special that might just take off.

Steve Schirripa

Steve Schirripa of course played Bobby Baccalieri on “The Sopranos.”  He’s also a best-selling author, and his latest venture is “Uncle Steve’s Italian Specialties.”  We talked about the amount of eating that went on during “Sopranos” scenes, how important Sunday dinners were in his Italian household, and why this isn’t just another celebrity pasta sauce.

Steve’s sauces are available in the Chicago area at Strack & Van Til and Ultra Foods locations, and nationwide at unclestevesny.com.



Big Kenny & Christiev

Country superstar Big Kenny and his wife Christiev called in to promote their TLC special “Big Kenny and Family,” which premieres tomorrow night at 9 Central.  We discussed how the show came about, why their Nashville home has always had a “reality show”-type atmosphere, and what they’d like their fans to learn about them.  We also discussed a very natural crossover promotion between Big Kenny and The Big Wakeup Call.  Why didn’t we think of this sooner?