Kristine Leahy from American Ninja Warrior

Kristine Leahy is the co-host and sideline reporter for “American Ninja Warrior” on NBC.  We talked about how she approaches her role on the show, our shared history as fans of the ’90s dynasty Bulls teams, and why she and Matt Iseman appear to have standard answers for why they haven’t attempted the obstacles this season.

A special all-military edition of American Ninja Warrior (filmed in front of the USS Iowa) airs tonight at 8/7C on NBC.

Donny Most on his “Sings and Swings” tour

Donny Most is familiar to audiences from his work on “Happy Days,” and he is also an accomplished singer who is currently touring with his “Donny Most Sings and Swings” tour.  We talked about how he was a singer before he was an actor, what drew him to the music of Frank, Dean and Bobby Darin, and why the music of the Rat Pack continues its timeless appeal to audiences of all ages.


More on Suicide Squad & Deadpool with Bill McCormick

Bill McCormick scared the heck out of many of our listeners last week with his stories of chimps using tools and harnessing fire, and also his tales of irreversible climate destruction that will seal our doom.    To make up for it, here’s more on Suicide Squad (including Jared Leto going full-on method actor as the Joker) and Deadpool (and why it’s going to be released with a hard-R rating).

Adam Richman on Season 2 of “Food Fighters”

Adam Richman called in to discuss season 2 of “Food Fighters,” premiering tonight at 8/7C on NBC.  We talked about the new twists this season, how the quality of home cooks (especially kids!) is higher than ever, and why he won’t be hosting a star-studded 4th of July celebrity barbecue.