More on Deadpool & Suicide Squad from Bill McCormick

Bill McCormick from the World News Center gives us the latest from the sets of Deadpool & Suicide Squad, and leaves us on a happy note with a teaser about chimps lighting fires.

Vanessa Bayer talks about the “Trainwreck Comedy Tour”

I was really looking forward to chatting with Vanessa Bayer as I absolutely love her work on SNL.  No matter what character she’s playing, she absolutely slays me.  Vanessa was exactly what I’d hoped for — funny, genuine, and charming, especially when talking about eating onion rings and a bucket of shrimp in one of my favorite SNL sketches.

Vanessa is featured in the Judd Apatow/Amy Schumer movie “Trainwreck” this summer, and is also participating in the “Trainwreck Comedy Tour” with several other cast members, including Amy, Judd, Colin Quinn, Dave Attell and Mike Birbiglia.   The tour hits the Harris Theatre in Chicago on June 18.

The Property Brothers, Drew & Jonathan Scott

Drew & Jonathan Scott, HGTV’s “Property Brothers,” are currently featured on “Brother vs. Brother,” now in its third season, but this time with a twist — in response to fan feedback,  instead of mentoring other teams, the brothers are in direct competition with each other, and the loser must complete an outrageous dare.  Could we soon see a a dare-only spinoff, live from Las Vegas on pay-per-view?

Catch new episodes of “Brother vs. Brother” Wednesday nights at 8CT.

Kelly Hansen from Foreigner

Kelly Hansen has been the lead vocalist in Foreigner for the past decade.  We talked about the band’s longevity, the challenges of putting together a set list when every song is a hit (a problem many bands would love to have), and why he’s still considered the “new guy” — sort of.  Foreigner is on tour with Kid Rock and plays the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre in Tinley Park on July 26.

Craig Shoemaker on his new album & retiring from stand-up

Craig Shoemaker currently has the #1 comedy album on iTunes with his new release “The Last Stand (Up).”  In a Big Wakeup Call exclusive, Craig shared the incident that caused him to retire from stand-up comedy.  We also discussed what he’s doing now, and the one thing he did that majorly impressed his children.

Genevieve Gorder on Summer DIY Projects

Being a fellow native Midwesterner, Genevieve knows you’ve got to take advantage of the short summer season!  She shared tips on how to quickly and cheaply makeover our outdoor spaces with simple uses of color — let’s think beyond the beiges and the neutrals!  We look at dinginess all winter — let’s celebrate color this Summer.  Am I right, everybody in Chicago?  (Thunderous applause)  Thank you.

Ben Lyons on DVDs for Dads

Ben Lyons called in for his regular Digital Entertainment News segment and shared some gift ideas for Dads on DVD and Blu-Ray.  We also talked about his legendary dad (film critic Jeffrey Lyons), and of course engaged in some sports chat.  One day the DVD of Cubs World Series highlights will be a reality.


The Movie Man reviews “Spy” and “Entourage”

The Movie Man called in with stories of a theater full of “Turtle” look-alikes, and then we debated whether or not Melissa McCarthy will ever be as funny as she was in the SNL “Hidden Valley Ranch” sketch.

Bill McCormick’s Science Stories

This week, Bill McCormick from the World News Center took a break from superhero news to share scientific stories of warrior wasps, super spiders, virginal vampires and cancer cures from Cuba.


Marcus Lemonis on new episodes of “The Profit”

Marcus Lemonis called in to talk about new episodes of “The Profit,” now airing Tuesday nights at 10/9C on CNBC.   We discussed some of his successful past deals, one that really went the wrong way (Spoiler alert: Those Skullduggery guys), and how a family situation is currently tearing up a local Chicago-area business.  We also shared some love for the Blackhawks (Marcus’s pick:  ‘Hawks in 6).