Tommy Roe

It was a pleasure to chat with Tommy Roe about his new book, “From Cabbagetown to Tinseltown.”  Tommy talked about why he decided to return to performing after a long absence, his experience on the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars, and opening for Sam Cooke on a tour of the segregated south.

Cristy Lee live from Barrett-Jackson

Cristy Lee called in live on location in Scottsdale, Arizona to give us an update on the Barrett-Jackson collector car event going on now through Sunday, with live coverage on Discovery Channel and Velocity.  We discussed the rare and unique automobiles up for auction, her favorite cars on display, and why you shouldn’t get too close to vintage cars with either a churro or a turkey leg.

Steve Jones

Steve Jones called in to talk about his new book “Lonely Boy: Tales From a Sex Pistol.”  We talked about how he wrote the book through a series of Skype chats, growing up poor in London without a fridge or a bathtub, and things that are not rock and roll — like “meet and greets,” electronic drums, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Bryan Callen

Bryan Callen returned to the show to talk about his new stand-up album, “Never Grow Up.” The last time we talked, Bryan was preparing to record the special and was in the process of tweaking the material.  Bryan assures us the material is now 100 percent tweaked and you will definitely laugh.   Plus:  a cameo appearance by his son, why a movie laugh will never be better than a live comedy laugh, and why it’s hard to do self-promotion (like appearing on this radio show).

Dave Hill on his new movie “The Babymooners”

Comedian, actor and musician Dave Hill called in to chat about his role in the new movie “The Babymooners,” which is now out on DVD and video on demand.   Dave talked about how his scene in the movie is based on a real-life experience (as was much of the film), how he doesn’t have kids but does have a dog (and how perhaps she should have taken a “puppymoon” before bringing him home), and how the film is appropriate for everyone except tweens and toddlers.

Another visit to the World News Center

We checked in with Bill McCormick from the World News Center for a lively discussion about high-end and low-end tacos, $10,000 watches, exoskeletons at Target, and superhero brain candy.  Plus:  Why we wear pants to do the radio show, and why Deadpool is still not for kids.

Kevin Chapman

Kevin Chapman called in to talk about his new movie “Stevie D,” which is now out on DVD and available on digital platforms including iTunes and Amazon.   We discussed working on the film, how creative people can be plagued with self-doubt, and a key piece of career advice he received from Martin Sheen.



Clinton Kelly

It’s always fun to chat with Clinton Kelly!  Clinton called in to talk about his new book “I Hate Everyone, Except You,” which is a fun collection of essays, short stories and even a sitcom script.   We discussed if I was indeed the “Except You,” how he finds time to write when he’s a busy TV host, and what we can expect when he comes to a bookstore near you.  Plus:  I suggest a puppet show and dare to ask if I’m the “Except You” mentioned in the title.


Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee is a comedian, writer, actress and the author of a new book, “Weddiculous: An Unfiltered Guide to Being a Bride.”  Despite my butchering the title (of which she let me off the hook by blaming the quirky font), we had a fun conversation about the wedding industry, including the dress, men’s suits, annoying DJs, guitar solos by the wedding band guy, and much more.


New Year, New World News Center

Bill McCormick joined us live from the World News Center for the first time in 2017 with a lengthy list of topics to cover.   Listen as we discuss “Vixen,” Alzheimer’s research, fun drug side effects, getting a new exoskeleton in about an hour, installing Google in your brain, and how you can be a mash-up of Cyborg and Wolverine.